The Seasoning Mix You Need To Add To Your Fried Chicken

We have the pleasure of enjoying a variety of foods in the United States — from pasta dishes and hearty soups to cheeseburgers and lobster rolls, the country is full of delicious foods that can really hit the spot. Among these is a true American gem — fried chicken. This Southern staple is popular nearly everywhere, and with more fast-food chains adding a fried chicken sandwich to their menu than ever before, you could say the crispy chicken sensation has swept the nation. 

If you've ever tried to make your own fried chicken at home, you've likely gained a healthy respect for just how difficult it can be to produce that crispy and crunchy outside, while retaining a moist and tender inside. Additionally, finding the right flavors can become a challenging process in itself. Every family member, restaurant, and special recipe has a secret ingredient or combination of spices they swear by, but Southern Plate shares one seasoning mix that is guaranteed to make flavorful chicken every time.

Add ranch seasoning to your fried chicken

What's more American than fried chicken? Probably fried chicken made with ranch seasoning. Ranch dressing is a popular condiment used for dipping, dousing, and flavoring all kinds of foods, and we can't seem to get enough of its creamy, tangy goodness. So it makes sense that using ranch seasoning in a fried chicken recipe would add a good amount of flavor to it. Southern Plate suggests buying a packet of the seasoning and simply mixing it into the flour coating. This recipe hack is super easy, inexpensive, and adds a zest to the chicken that otherwise wouldn't have been there. 

Taste of Home shares a recipe using this same technique, calling for Hidden Valley Original Ranch Seasoning & Salad Dressing Mix Shaker. If you haven't tried adding this ingredient to your fried chicken, the next time you're thinking of frying up some strips, stop and grab a packet of Hidden Valley, or whatever your favorite brand of ranch seasoning is. You might be surprised at how much flavor this simple step adds!