Chick-Fil-A Employees Are Sharing How They Deal With Workplace Stress

Anyone in the fast-food industry can attest that the faster the pace is, the higher the stress can be. A recent thread on Reddit wondered why Chick-fil-A employees in particular stick around "even though they know the work is stressful." The user who created the thread also wanted to know why "they look so happy all the time," but that's another story for another day.

Naturally, seasoned Chick-fil-A employees showed up to the thread to offer tips and perspective. "Stressful isn't inherently bad," user OSRS_Rising says. "I like a fast paced environment and I don't think I'd enjoy a job where I wasn't constantly doing something."

WaydeHenderson added that it's about perspective. "I've never once thought it was stressful because I always keep in mind that it's just chicken. So even if a level 10 Karen comes in freaking out it's just hilarious to me because it's just chicken." Words to live by, even if the issue in question is something other than chicken!

For what it's worth, it appears that the chain puts a premium on customer and employee happiness. ByzantineBaller says that many locations "are really diligent about making sure that the leadership and team take care of each other." 

More coping mechanisms for Chick-fil-A stress

ByzantineBaller doesn't deny that it's a stressful gig. "I check in on my team a lot, try and make sure they're taken care of, give them my personal number so they know I'm accessible, and just try to be a good manager in general," they write (via Reddit).

Indeed, the team atmosphere and employee perks (scholarship, Sundays off) seems to get a lot of employees through the tougher shifts at Chick-Fil-A. "The people make my day so fun, and I'm guaranteed to have Sundays off which I can use to spend time with friends, family, or do homework," says student evil_blanket.

Adds Tacomamacita1, "My store as a whole is just an encouraging environment though. We pull together and get through all the catering and rushes." The employees at that branch, they write, are "not expected to be perfect and are always learning together."

Like most jobs, you take the good with the bad. ByzantineBaller says that life as a manager can be "exhausting for me emotionally." He adds, "Sometimes I have nightmares about it, lol, and I was in the military!" In chicken, as in life, attitude is everything.