Someone Drank Eggs Through A Straw And The Internet Can't Handle It

Chefs are continuing to find new ways to cook and prepare the humble egg. According to Food Network, some have bruleed eggs by soft-boiling them, peeling the shells off, coating the outside with salt and sugar, and blow-torching the exterior to resemble a Crème brûlée. Other chefs have tried curing eggs by forming wells in a vat of sugar and kosher salt and letting an egg yolk solidify in said well for a week until solid. Some inventive cooks have even found ways to cook omelets in plastic bags and simmering water, sous vide-style. Many diners might not take offense to these particular cooking methods, but internet denizens everywhere freak out if you eat an egg the wrong way.

In a recent tweet, someone at a restaurant punctured a fried egg and drank the runny yolk through a straw. The entire comment section freaked out — many replies simply consisted of gifs featuring people shaking their heads, screaming, or displaying simple looks of pure shock. While comical, the reaction gifs can't hold a torch to some of the actual comments.

A shocking way to eat eggs

The Twitter post received a ton of shocked comments from anyone who witnessed the video. Replies like, "This how the next covid variant starts," and, "Lol that's foul. I would not do this," pepper the post. Others responded with, "Ain't trust no egg drinker..." and "we have found a new low when it comes to eating dippy eggs," while others commented with, "Y'all never had egg soda?" and "Nah that's just Egg-nog. Tis the season."

Next time you decide to eat an egg a new way, keep the shock and horror-filled replies in mind before you decide to dig into your breakfast. At the end of the day, if you decide to drink your eggs through a straw, you probably won't see any health-related issues. According to Bigger Bolder Baking, raw or runny egg yolks don't tax your digestive system, and quality eggs rarely contain salmonella. So, if you feel the urge to copy this tweet, just expect to potentially gross out whoever you decide to eat with.