Costco Fans Can't Wait To Try Its Festive Chocolate Peppermint Loaf

While there is no shortage of delicious desserts to enjoy during the holiday season, this time of year just wouldn't be complete without the addition of some sweet peppermint treats. This flavor has long been associated with the holidays, and that may have something to do with how well it complements other desserts. Peppermint's cool, refreshing taste pairs well with heavier foods that are often enjoyed during the holidays, like dark chocolate or rich sauces. There may even be some health benefits to adding peppermint to rich holiday desserts, as it has been shown to aid in preventing indigestion and inflammation, according to Considerable.

Although candy canes may be the season's most famous peppermint candy, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other ways to enjoy this classic holiday flavor. Recently, fans of tingly tastes have been raving about the arrival of a festive chocolate peppermint dessert on Costco shelves: the chocolate chunk peppermint loaf. This decadent dessert costs $7.99 and features a rich chocolate peppermint cake base that's sprinkled throughout with sweet chocolate chunks, then topped with Danish icing and delectable pieces of peppermint candy, according to a post by @costcohotfinds on Instagram.

Costco fans posted rave reviews about this festive loaf online

Costco fans were quick to express their excitement over the arrival of the chocolate chunk peppermint loaf all over social media. One fan posted their rave review of the loaf on Reddit, calling it their "new favorite" and adding, "I love Peppermint and could have had that for dinner." Another Redditor gushed that the dessert tastes "like a sweeter, moister double chocolate muffin with peppermint topping. It is excellent like all Costco bakery items and I ate the whole thing in one sitting." Another compared it to brownies and said it's "the bomb."

Others can't wait to try the loaf out for themselves to see if it really lives up to the hype. "I love chocolate so this is right up my alley," @costcohotfinds said on Instagram to alert their followers about the find. One reply said, "Ohhh this looks so good!" while another user joked, "Come to mama." Many commenters said they had recently seen the item at their local Costco. Whether this season marks your first time sampling this tasty dessert or you keep coming back to it again and again, keep an eye on your nearest Costco bakery to see if the holiday-themed treat is in stock.