This Oreo And Sour Cream Combo Has TikTok Divided

Pandemic-related lockdowns have had most people spending more time at home, and since we all love a good meal, it's not surprising that the result has been a veritable glut of food-related TikTok videos. Some social media users have even made it their mission to try out all of the latest TikTok food trends, including TikTok user @colombiancraker, or Chris Copeland.

When Copeland began posting TikTok videos in May of 2020, it was to a rather small audience, and he was kind of all over the place with regard to his subject matter. However, as Copeland gradually honed in on posting about his adventures in eating and drinking, his audience grew to the nearly 100,000 followers he has today. "Welcome to another installment of Craker Cuisine, where I try gross stuff so you don't have to," Copeland often says at the beginning of his videos. However, as it turns out, quite a lot of the "gross stuff" that Copeland tastes ends up being surprisingly delicious. A recent example of this was when Copeland tried (and clearly enjoyed) an Oreo and sour cream combo — which has viewers seriously divided (via TikTok).

TikTok doesn't know what to make of this Oreo and sour cream combo

In a viral TikTok that has more than 10 million views, Copeland spreads sour cream on an Oreo and appears to like it very much, exclaiming, "Son of a bi***!" in surprise as he scarfs down the seemingly strange combo. Copeland's post currently has more than 720,000 likes and 11,200 comments, but the idea of combining Oreos with sour cream was not his. His post was a response to an earlier video by TikTok user @MaddieGoetzzzzzm, who dipped an Oreo into Daisy sour cream and proclaimed it to be the "greatest food combination of all time." "Don't knock it 'til you try it," Goetz said. "It's amazing."

Not everyone agreed with Goetz, however, with a number of comments proclaiming her "done" or calling for her cancellation. But not everyone was grossed out, either. One comment likened the combo to Oreo cheesecake, for example. We see the same inconsistency among the comments on Copeland's video, with at least one threatening to "call the police" and others affirming Copeland's enthusiasm for the combo, including, of course, Goetz herself.