This Real Housewife's Sobriety Inspired An Alcohol-Free Line Of Rosé

Does having a celebrity jump on-board a lifestyle trend makes things better or worse for those already about that life? On the one hand, said celebrity might act as though they've "discovered" the next best thing — Jimmy Fallon recently told Bon Appétit, in an interview about his "dream tea party," that he "got into astragalus root during the pandemic." Web MD says astragalus root has antioxidant and immune system-boosting properties. It's also been a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, but there's no doubt that Fallon's endorsement could create a spike in demand, much to the chagrin of regular astragalus-users everywhere. But what happens when a celebrity hops on the bandwagon and makes life better for the entire party? 

We may be about to find out, as Real Housewife of New York Luann de Lesseps announces the launch of Fosé Rosé, the reality-star's own line of alcohol-free sparkling rosé (via People). The 56-year-old told the same outlet that she quit drinking during the pandemic, and is now taking her sobriety "day by day." Inspired by her newfound sobriety, as well as her desire for something that tastes good, feels good, and looks good — without the alcohol, de Lesseps decided to create a top tier faux rosé. When you're sober and you're out-out, de Lesseps explains, "you're at the mercy basically of the mocktail person at the bar. And usually, it's full of sugar. You don't know what you're getting." Enter Fosé Rosé, a sparkling, low-calorie, alcohol-free alternative.

When it comes to non-alcoholic drinks, the more options the better

Non-drinkers, the sober-curious, and those who are simply looking for a night off from the booze this holiday season will certainly rejoice in the news of more alcohol-free options on the market. In 2019, Vox explained that more and more people (the younger generation especially) are gravitating towards "wellness-oriented lifestyles," with fitness and meditation trending upwards and alcohol consumption headed the other direction. And if you've decided to cut back or cut out alcohol, finding a booze-free alternative when you're out with friends can be boring at best (sparkling water, anyone?) or expensive and unhealthy at worst. But with more options like de Lesseps' Fosé Rosé behind the bar, you can feel like you're part of things while feeling good at the same time.

"That's what I love about it," de Lesseps tells People about the similarity between her alcohol-free rosé and the real deal. "This really is the closest you can get to a rosé, without actually drinking rosé." The "RHONY" star has battled addiction in the public eye for several years now, making headlines when she was arrested in 2017 for "disorderly intoxication," among other charges. But from where she sits currently in her sober life, things are looking far...well, rosier. "This was born out of my own necessity," de Lesseps says."I've grown so much, and I feel like I'm finally in a great place." Salvation, thy name is Fosé.