The Odd Reason A Costco Shopper Returned Their Coconut Shrimp

Shopping at Costco can be a fun experience. According to Cheapism, the store has managed to hold on to more than 1 million loyal members who enjoy shopping at the store and sifting through its products. The stores are fairly massive, too. Consider this: One of its biggest outlets is 235,000 square feet. So much room for bulk items, eh?

One of the things that works well in Costco's favor is the fact that it has many high-quality items that are a part of its in-house brand, Kirkland. Customers benefit in this case because Kirkland items are often sourced from huge companies and sold at reasonable prices. While Costco does have a lot of strengths, it occasionally does encounter hiccups when disgruntled shoppers make their displeasure known. Unfortunately, the sheer variety of products available at the store can't keep everyone happy. For example, one unhappy Costco customer recently chose to return a coconut shrimp product that they had bought from the store, per Reddit. Their reason for returning the product was pretty unexpected.

Redditors are amused by this shrimp-returning customer

Per Reddit, the Costco shopper who decided to hand back the coconut shrimp that they had bought from the store had the strangest reason to offer. They apparently didn't like the item and wanted to hand it back to Costco because they "didn't know [it] had coconut." One reasonable Reddit user said that the shopper probably didn't realize that the product contained coconut and got the wrong item without checking. Another Redditor added, "There's a similar product at Costco, maybe they grabbed it by mistake thinking it was the other tempura shrimp one haha." Someone joked that it wasn't the shrimps' fault and that they would now be "sent off to be destroyed." 

Another commenter had an insightful idea to offer. They said that they actually came across someone who had no idea what coconut is. They wrote, "She thought it was those crunchy white flakes people put on desserts." They had to demonstrate what a real coconut looks like through photos, which is when she realized that she had the wrong idea. Perhaps this shrimp incident was a learning experience for the Costco customer.