Chipotle Fans Are Scratching Their Heads Over This Unusual DoorDash Order

People are willing to go to serious lengths for guacamole, and you can't really blame them. The avocado-based dip is delicious and nutritious, what with all of those healthy monounsaturated fats, vitamins, and fiber, and more, per Healthline. A recent post to the Chipotle sub on Reddit has people virtually cheering, but also scratching their heads in confusion a bit over a guac-related post.

The post, put up by user Emmelinemiddendorf, features a photo of a somewhat non-standard DoorDash order. It's a side cup of guacamole with a tag that reads, "Bowl with Guac – No Charge." The pic was posted with the accompanying caption that simply read, "Heard."

Based on the initial post, it appears that the bowl of guac was comped by the restaurant. For the record, a bowl of the mushy green stuff usually runs $1.95, plus tax, according to Real Menu Prices. This, we presume, is why the poster feels "heard." But there are varying opinions on what the mysterious post actually means. 

Why people are confused by the Chipotle guacamole order

Okay, so the original poster doesn't elaborate very much, obviously. However, the label states that the guac is "Entree 1 of 5." So, it seems logical to think that the guacamole was comped as part of the order, which is a pretty nice thing for Chipotle to do. Says nwrobinson94, "At least they didn't get charged for the guac."

DragonTear03, however, isn't so sure. "I mean, they got charged a bowl price for just guac," the user says. SpaceBrainTheMusical concurs, and goes a step further. "a cup of guac for a bowl charge PLUS doordash fees...." For reference, DoorDash fees vary depending on the restaurant, but range from $1.99 to $5.99, per Ridester.

For perspective, 30beyondthearc chooses to see the joy in the situation, writing, "Bruh, that's hilarious." However everything shook out in the end, the original customer felt heard, and that's really all we can ask for, right?