This Is The Best Way To Cut Onions Without Crying, According To Reddit

Onions are an integral part of many dishes, from sandwiches to steaks. Anyone who has ever cut an onion has likely faced the unwanted stinging and teary-eyed aftermath. Slicing the vegetable has varying outcomes for each person, but some are so affected that they need to step away from the onion for a moment to give their eyes a rest.

There is a reason cutting onions results in so much eye discomfort. According to the Library of Congress, onions produce a chemical known as syn-Propanethial-S-oxide. In layman's terms, when we cut onions, an enzyme is released that, in turn, creates the chemical. That chemical travels through the air and into our eyes, which reacts with our tear ducts to create that stinging sensation and all the tears. That's why you might find that if you step away from the onion, your eyes immediately feel better; they're no longer coming into contact with the unpleasant chemical.

Wear goggles to cut onions without crying

Now that you hear it, maybe it seems obvious: Goggles may help prevent tears while cutting onions. According to Reddit, wearing swim or safety goggles can help protect your eyes from the effects of the onion's chemical. "[Goggles] works like a charm, and the bonus is that your family will get a good laugh every time they walk into the kitchen," one Reddit user wrote after several suggested the method.

Though the thread doesn't explain the science behind why the goggles work, it seems obvious. They provide suction, preventing your eyes from the elements such as water, debris, and, well, onion gas. Among the swimming and safety goggle suggestions, some users added that ski goggles work, too. One person even wrote that they use their scuba diving mask, which would definitely make family members laugh. For those who own contacts, try popping those in as well. A few Redditors swore that they help prevent the sting.