Why These College Students Are Paying Parking Tickets With Peanut Butter

People attempt to pay off debt in strange ways. Someone once tried to pay off bills by sending their bank a picture of a spider, if this Geekologie repost of an alleged email chain is to be believed. Others have tried to pay off large debts using exclusively pennies, per Credit.com. Now, a college can join the ranks of institutions that accept unconventional forms of payment thanks to a parking ticket promotion that aims to do a bit of good.

Students at New Mexico State University (NMSU) now have the option of paying off parking tickets in cash or several jars of peanut butter. In a press release, NMSU states that this debt payment method only lasts until December 3 and anyone looking to clear their name has to submit at least 80 ounces of peanut butter. The deal also only applies to fines stemming from "No Current Permit" citations, meaning anyone who parks in handicapped spots or in front of fire hydrants presumably still has to pay in cash. This ingenious way of paying not only has the potential to save some folks a bit of money, it also helps benefit the community.

A charitable way to drop a fine

NMSU's donated spread goes to Aggie Cupboard, the school's food pantry that services the greater New Mexico State University student, faculty, and staff body, in addition to the nearby Doña Ana Community College. The pantry mostly relies on donations and the extra peanut butter should go a long way in providing some extra stock this holiday season. 

Anyone who donates some peanut butter can feel good knowing their donation helps the community. In fact, the program had great success back in 2017 when 85 people paid off parking tickets by exchanging 425 pounds of peanut butter (partially shown above) for a similar campaign. This tried-and-true system has the power to raise some serious donations, and the university even plans to offer peanut butter as parking ticket payment again at the end of the next semester, per The Paper. With any luck this year's promotion can top all previous efforts and so some real good.