Trader Joe's Fans Are Pumped For Its Returning Winter Baton Cookies

Winter has finally arrived, and that can only mean one thing — Trader Joe's has brought back its baton cookies. Instagrammer traderjoesnew spotted a massive display of the treats during one of their grocery runs and snapped a photo to show off. As they captioned the image, "ITS BACK!! Baton lovers quartet rolled wafer cookies filled with cocoa, hazelnut, chocolatey orange and cookies and cream filling. (Seasonal) (limited) $7.99. [...] They make a great fun and unique gift for the holiday season."

Followers agreed with the sentiment and couldn't wait to share their takes on the cookies. Replies like, "Wow!!! I think I'm going to try those batons this year! They sound delicious and the cards are so adorable!" and, "Cookies and cream ones are to die for," proliferated beneath the post. While the followers can't get enough of these snacks, others on the other end of Instagram independently discovered the product and couldn't wait to show them off, too.

Fans of baton cookies show their love

Elsewhere on Instagram, traderjoeslist concurrently discovered the cookies and had to show off their score. They posted a photo of their baton cookie haul with the caption, "IT'S BACK BATON LOVERS QUARTET •$7.99• They're like straws you can eat and have a delish lining on the inside! These are so crispy and light and make the perfect snack! What's your favorite of the 4 flavors?" Followers loved the post and couldn't believe the grocery chain had the snacks back in stock already.

Replies ranged from "I will go to TJ's just for these," and, "The only thing I didn't know I needed in my life!!" popped up alongside comments like, "might need to take another trip to Trader Joe's," and "I have one in my coffee every morning!" If you love the idea of getting your hands on a tin or three of these cookies, make sure to schedule your next grocery run soon. With excitement like this, you might have to fight a few shoppers in order to get your fill of these baton cookies.