Sam's Club Shoppers Are Rushing To Get This Snack Spinner Before It's Gone

Some folks may have searched high and low for a new way to serve up snacks. Others might just like wheel-shaped food containers. But whatever their reason, some people really want a spinner in their lives. PopSugar reports that these circular trays have spaces for several snacks, don't accidentally crush delicate foods as easily as bagged snacks, and can easily travel around when you need to dish out some extra treats. The reviewer gave a shout-out to GoBe snack spinners in particular as mentioned how they led the pack. The same brand of snack spinner has popped up at Sam's Club, and buyers have started salivating over it.

Instagrammer @ohheysamsclub spotted the spinner on a recent shopping run and snapped a photo of it. They captioned the image with an enthusiastic rhyme that reads, "They're snacking what you're packing! $29.98 Snack Spinner 2-pk." Followers proceeded to lose it as their heads presumably spun with excitement over a Costco deal that some said they absolutely had to have.

A must-have for snack transportation

Followers reacted very enthusiastically to the two-pack deal on Instagram, with multiple commenters saying they "need" these spinners. One person seemed especially pleased about the price, saying, "One of these is 29.98 on Amazon.. just ONE. This is a steal! Grabbed one yesterday at my local Sam's Club for my girls stockings!" Others responded with such high praise as "These are the best snack containers!!!" Meanwhile, some expressed excitement about the possible uses, writing, "Omgggg this is great for sensory kids needing to explore foods too!" and "Ooohhh movie night just got an upgrade!" Many tagged their friends, in some cases asking them to get one. Those gems included, "the next time you're at Sam's if they have this grab me one!" and "if you see these I need a set!" 

PopSugar said that these snack spinners are a handy way to portion food. Moreover, it can serve as a useful tool for introducing different foods to selective eaters in a single sitting. And kids can have more fun eating food, not to mention the fun games families can play on holidays like Halloween or other snack-filled occasions.