Even Fan-Favorite Aldi Products Are Seeing Price Hikes

Groceries can most definitely be classified as an essential good that people need on a regular basis, but this doesn't mean it's easy to buy them. They simply aren't equally accessible to all shoppers. Per CNN, the prices for groceries are expected to get even worse in 2022. The pandemic has led to a sharp increase in these rates.

Consider this: prices were perceived to be stable for four years or so before the pandemic hit and were said to be 3.7% more expensive in 2020 compared to 2019. Logistics such as transportation and labor were harder to arrange during COVID-19. This has impacted shoppers from low-income backgrounds in a big way. Unfortunately, it's difficult to predict when things will get better.

Various companies food producers and retailers have been impacted. In response to soaring meat prices, a recent statement from Tyson Foods read, "We continue to face accelerating levels of extraordinary inflation." Even the popular supermarket chain Aldi hasn't been spared. Customers are now saying that some of their favorite items at the store are getting more expensive (via Reddit).

Things don't look great

According to Reddit users, some of their go-to products at Aldi are now pricey. The original poster was upset about the fact that Specially Selected Jumbo Scallops from Aldi got significantly more expensive. "Sad to see these climbing in cost," they said. "Was one of the main reasons I would stop at Aldi pre pandemic at a cost of only $9.99." The cost apparently ballooned to $13.99. Another commenter said that pineapple juice used to be $2.50 but is now $4. Sigh. User MuffinPuff saw a steady increase in the cost of their ground beef, which they said has gone from $10 to $12 to $16. This has caused MuffinPuff to lean more heavily on chicken and pork. "I feel your pain," they said.

But not everyone has felt the same amount of pain. One commenter, rangerman2002, said, "Unfortunately everything is rising, and Aldi isn't going to escape untouched. I do think they (and other grocers) are trying their best to minimize the pain their customers feel at the register." Luckily, they didn't see a huge hike in expenses. Others stressed that the trend is "not unique to Aldi." Another shopper commented that they were still willing to pay the increased costs. They wrote that Aldi had better products than competing stores, especially considering the fact that prices seem to be going up everywhere.