Costco Shoppers Prefer Kirkland's Cauliflower Crust Pizza To This Brand's

If you are gluten-intolerant or have some other aversion to bread, you are often left with a poor selection of choices for bready objects like pizza. So when conversations turn to the question of which cauliflower crust pizza Costco sells is the best, many perk their ears.

Last month, the Costco subreddit devolved into a slurry of opinions on the topic of whether Kirkland's cauliflower pizza was vastly superior to Milton's offering. Some agreed but those that did agree noted that the two pizzas being compared weren't the same. Kirkland's pizza was a supreme while Milton's was a vegetable one. "Doesn't hurt that the Kirkland gets to use pepperoni and sausage and the Milton's uses zucchini and peppers / onions," one wrote, "Not a fair fight!" 

Vegetarians noted that due to their dietary restrictions, they could not try Kirkland's even if it were better. "If Kirkland offered a meatless option I would not hesitate to dump Milton's!" one shouted. So while customers may prefer Kirkland's crust, it could very easily be that they prefer pepperoni. Others, though, came out strongly for Milton's: "The miltons meat lovers cauli pizza was by far the superior product." Ultimately, it's up to personal preference.

Floundering for cauliflower flour

Reading over and over the alliterations of cauliflower flour may have us nodding safely while not knowing at all what cauliflower flour actually is. Cauliflower flour, as The Kitchn describes, is a product geared for people on diets that restrict gluten and carbs. Think paleo or keto. The powder for cauliflower flour comes in an original and keto variety. The Keto one grinds down cauliflower and adds almond, tapioca, and arrowroot flours while the original adds rice and quinoa flours and sugar.

That sounds brilliant, right? Well, for many it is but Consumer Reports cautions against the food industry's impulse to treat one healthier ingredient as a panacea for junk food. A pizza, they write, is still a pizza featuring fat-heavy cheese. Moreover, some crusts include eggs, grains, or beans that raise the calorie count of the otherwise healthy crust.

In terms of Costco's offering, the choice between Milton's and Kirkland's renders such issues moot. Try both if meat is not objectionable, and enjoy whichever it is you enjoy.