How To Tell Whether You're Drinking Regular Coke Or Diet Coke

Disappointment has a name, and that name is being served a glass of Diet Coke when you wanted regular Coke, or vice versa. Beyond the fact that one is made of corn syrup, making it decidedly not diet, while the other has virtually no calories thanks to artificial sweeteners, the stark distinction in the drinks' flavors is a main motivator in the major Coke Classic versus Diet Coke divide (via Ask Any Difference).

Unless it's still bottled or comes straight from a soda fountain, spotting the difference between regular Coke and Diet Coke is no easy feat. But the good news is it's not totally impossible and it doesn't require a taste test, either. While you can always employ the float test (Diet Coke is lighter than regular Coke, reports WYTV, and will therefore float better), if you're able to submerge your can or bottle in water, we're betting you already know the answer. There is, however, one fairly simple way to tell the two sodas apart when presented with a glass of the sweet stuff — if you know what to look for.

There's a difference in color

According to Delish, the easiest and best way to decipher between regular Coke and Diet Coke, without sacrificing your taste buds, is to simply take a close look at the color of the liquid. The outlet argues that Diet Coke takes on a deeper brown that resembles dark chocolate, while regular Coke is a lighter brown with honey and caramel tones. In the same article, Delish provides a photo side-by-side that, even to the untrained eye, made the difference clear. An easy way to remember the difference is: Diet Coke equals dark, classic Coke equals caramel.

The most important caveat, as noted by the site, is that this hack only truly works for Coke beverages specifically from a soda fountain. When a visual comparison was conducted with the two drinks inside their respective bottles, it was harder to pick up on the color contrast. Of course, telling the difference ranks low as a priority when it comes to gulping your preferred Coke from the bottle, given that the folks at the Coca-Cola factory are labeling them.

For those who don't trust the server or the system, here is one other trick that might be helpful: A Reddit user suggests applying a small amount of the liquid to your lips and allowing it to dry. If you press your lips together and they stick, posits the Redditor, you have regular Coke.