Waffle House TikTok Is Divided On This 'Amazing' Cook

Being a part of the fast food industry is no joke. The job can really take a toll on a person's mental and physical health because it's highly stressful. According to a former fast food worker and journalist, it's pretty tough to be in the industry (via Vox). They said that the fact that you're scrutinized throughout and held accountable for your work is difficult. It also does not help that certain customers are extremely rude and tough to deal with. 

Speaking of fast food chains, the Waffle House is one of those companies that has been around for a long time and is a known name in the industry. Per its website, it wants to be a friendly eatery that can be accessible to customers 24/7. But working at Waffle House can be hard sometimes and one recent TikTok video of an employee dealing with an unbelievably huge order has left viewers divided.

People have strong opinions about the Waffle House clip

A TikTok user shared a video clip of an employee working extra hard at a Waffle House outlet and wrote, "This lady deserves ALL the tips. She's cooking it all for 12 people by herself." Some TikTok users were really impressed. Someone mentioned that they have immense respect for people who can manage to continue working when they're being watched and are under so much pressure. Another person said that the Waffle House employee should be given a promotion for her hard work.

Not everyone liked what they saw, though. A TikTok user mentioned that this isn't worth it. They wrote, "She should have walked out. Running yourself into a breakdown from exhaustion is not worth your life. Unionize and protect yourself." Another commentator had similar views. They said that they would've quit because they wouldn't want to do more than one person's job.

For someone else, it was important to know that the Waffle House employee was paid well for her work. The person who posted the clip said that they tipped her generously but weren't sure about other diners at the eatery.