Costco Fans Are Freaking Out Over These Colorful Stoneware Bowls

When you think of Costco, images of bulk foods and supplies immediately spring to mind. While you can definitely stock up on months worth of your favorite food when you visit this big box warehouse store, don't exclusively aim to buy groceries. According to Insider, Costco offers up a variety of home goods that any interior designer could drool over. Mirrors, patio sets, flatware, and platters all rank high on the goods you should keep your eyes peeled for if you want to beautify your home.

One Instagram user recently spotted some very bright stoneware bowls during a Costco run and these items just might have the potential to join the ranks of other solid home purchases. In addition to posting an image of the bowls, @costcohotfinds captioned the post with, "The little stoneware bowls are back at Costco and with a new design and I HAVE to have these!!! They're just so pretty, cute and I love the size. $9.99 for 10!!" Fans immediately lost it and couldn't wait to share their reactions to this patterned kitchenware.

Costco bowls with a pop of color

Followers couldn't get enough of the bowls. Responses to the Instagram post ranged from, "Love these I always get asked where I got them plus perfect for taco night," to "They're so cute I hope we have it in our Costco. Thanks for sharing." Others chimed in with gems like, "I got them last year. We use them for our Christmas ice cream bar! So cute," and "Ma'am!!! I need you to stop showing cute bowls! I have bowls in boxes still as backups for the bowls I know my kids will break but there's only so much space in this house!" One follower even declared, "These are the best bowls! I got them last year, and I use them for everything. hands down one of the best items Costco has."

If you need to get some new bowls in your life, make sure to scour your local Costco and see if they have this 10-pack set in stock. With any luck, you might just have the opportunity to introduce some bold splashes of color into your kitchen.