Why Some Costco Shoppers Are Unhappy With This Rabbit Wine Set

During the holidays, popular stores like Costco have set up generous discounts for their customers to ensure that they can make the most of the season. Per Yahoo!, Costco has been selling certain products at affordable rates. Last month, Costco members could buy a coveted product like a bottle of the Eternally Silenced Pinot Noir from The Prisoner Wine Company at $25 instead of its usual price of $50.

Additionally, the brand has a good collection of wine options in general. The store has a large variety, and wine enthusiasts can buy prosecco, champagne, rosé, pinot noir, and much more from different regions. Costco also has wine sets composed of handy tools for those who are in need at home, such as the new eight-piece Rabbit Electric Wine Opener Set, which the company introduced on its official Instagram. But do people like it? Many frequent Costco shoppers shared their thoughts about the product on the social media app.

Shoppers have varied opinions

According to Costco's official Instagram page, the Rabbit Electric Wine Opener Set can be purchased at a discounted rate and is currently priced at $10 cheaper than its regular price. The product is originally listed at $29.99, making the discounted price a low $19.99 (via the official Costco website). The kit includes an electric corkscrew that can be used to open wine bottles, along with a foil cutter, a drip collar, an aerator, a charging base, a preserver, and a couple of stoppers.

While some Costco customers reckon that this is a good buy, others aren't as convinced. A commentator said that they own a set and it doesn't work as expected. Another disappointed shopper wrote, "I bought this and was so excited!! It was a huge fail, so returned it and went back to my trusty corkscrew." Clearly people had trouble with it, as a different commentator also said that they found the product irksome and couldn't even use it on Thanksgiving, which was disappointing for them.

However, some shoppers really like the product. One person said that like others, they struggled with the product in the beginning, but after paying attention to the instructions and getting more comfortable with it, they love the product now. Some Costco customers even stated that they've been using this product for years, which is good to hear for those who want a long-lasting wine opener set. Overall, it looks like this is a product that you might have to try for yourself to see if you like it.