Costco Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over These Disney Pajama Sets

While some shoppers might naturally think of bulk groceries, food court hot dogs, and free samples when they are planning a trip to their local Costco, there's one type of product at the wholesale chain that doesn't get as much attention as it probably should: clothing.

Per Reader's Digest, Costco actually offers a surprisingly impressive range of clothing products and brands. In addition to its own Kirkland Signature line (under which Costco sells a wide variety of items like olive oil, batteries, and even vodka), the chain carries clothing from big names like Calvin Klein and Birkenstock. What's more, these designer duds are just as affordable as other, less established brands sold by the wholesale chain. Another big name clothing shoppers might spy on Costco shelves is Disney, as fans on Instagram recently shared photos of some affordable pajamas made by the company found at their local Costco.

Customers find the Disney pjs at Cosco super comfortable

According to two Costco Instagram fan accounts, Costco Buys and Costco_doesitagain, the wholesale retailer is now carrying pajama sets featuring Disney, Peanuts, and Mandalorian characters. Across both posts, these pajamas seem to be fairly popular with those who have worn them, as well as those looking for a new set. One commentator described the pajamas as, "the COZIEST," while many others commented on how soft and comfortable they are. "BEWARE: you'll never want to get dressed again after wearing these!!" joked another fan. In addition to the Disney patterns reported by the two fan Instagram accounts, one shopper noted that the chain is also selling Harry Potter-themed pajama sets.

Some (though not all) of the Disney pajama sets spotted by Instagram can be found on the Costco website. It describes the sets as being made with "soft marshmallow hacci fabric" and as an "easy care." On the website, the sets are advertised as selling for $19.99 each, so it may be wiser to try to pick these up in person if you're planning a Costo trip in the near future. In addition to a wider selection, the photo posted by user Costco_doesitagain includes a $16.99 price tag.