The 25 Best Sprinkle Accounts On Instagram

Whether baking with sprinkles or selling them as the final product, there are many Instagram accounts that will show you sprinkles in their best light. The origin of sprinkles remains something of a mystery today, though they began popping up in the early 1900's, according to My Recipes. These edible confections have evolved over the years to take on new shapes and colors. They are now used as delicious decorations for all sorts of treats, from ice cream and brownies to cakes and cookies. They are even popular in Australia as a topping for buttered white bread to make the snack fairy bread.

With Instagram being the reigning photo-sharing site, it's no surprise that sprinkle enthusiasts have taken to showing off their creations there. Sprinkles are well-suited to being photographed, as their colors and texture will often make a photo pop. Add a filter and suddenly they're even more impressive. There has always been something whimsical and fun about sprinkles, and now you can admire them in all their glory on these Instagram accounts listed here. The photos posted by these creators will wow you and remind you of a time when gazing at sprinkles might have been the highlight of your day. It still can be.

1. Sprinkle Pop Shop

These ice cream cones look incredible, and are dripping with sprinkles in autumn colors. This photo comes from Instagram account Sprinkle Pop Shop, which specializes in decorative edibles, such as custom sprinkles and cake toppers. Their page is bursting with fun and colorful designs. Sprinkle Pop Shop uses sprinkles on just about everything, and they can give you some great ideas for decorating your own baked goods at home. Cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, you name it. They have photos that will inspire you to bake.

Their website states that Sprinkle Pop Shop offers free shipping, so if you find that you've had enough of admiring their creations and are ready to try out their sprinkles for yourself, you can give it a shot. Their wide assortment of sprinkles and other delicious decorations is fun to look at on the website, but even more so when seeing the sprinkles in action on Instagram. It seems that every dessert is elevated to an art form once you add a layer of sprinkles. Is your mouth watering yet?

2. Yora's Cakes

If purple is your favorite color, you're going to love the photos shared by Yora's Cakes, like these mermaid sprinkle cupcakes that adults and kids would both gush over. Many of the tasty creations on their Instagram page have at least some purple, if not in the sprinkles, then certainly in the background. They keep this aesthetic going year-round, from Easter to Halloween and back again. This signature purple look of theirs is cool and gives their account a playful feel.

Based in the U.K., Yora's Cakes is a self-described "hobby cake maker," according to their profile. And they may be a bit of a sprinkle nut too! They certainly don't skimp on the sprinkles, with nearly every post sharing some decadent treat accentuated with beautiful sprinkles of different shades and colors. The themes of their creations tend towards the fanciful, like mermaids and unicorns. They do it well, and it's worth going through their photos as a treat to yourself. You may not be able to taste what's in the photos, but at least you can enjoy it.

3. Nazzy Baker

These icing-dipped fortune cookies with sprinkles will make your fortune even sweeter! A creation of Nazzy Baker on Instagram, this is one of many awesome treats they have on display. According to their website, this baker is based out of Australia, and they sell cake mixes and baking supplies, including (you guessed it) sprinkle mixes.

One of their sprinkle mixes is called "desert rose" and is a mix of coppery pink and white sprinkle balls of various sizes. Another sprinkle mix they offer is "Mosi-oa-Tunya" or "The smoke that thunders," as Nazzy Baker puts it in a post. This gorgeous mix has silver and marbled blue sprinkle balls, and would make any dessert an instant hit. Another is called their Bula Sunset sprinkle mix, a tropical blend of colors befitting the name.

From cake pops to cookies and beyond, this Instagram account is definitely one to check out if you're a sprinkle lover. You might even have to get one of their gorgeous sprinkle mixes for your own kitchen.

4. Juniper Cakery

Sprinkle cookies to accessorize your hot chocolate? Yes, please! The Instagram account for Juniper Cakery is a definite must-see for everyone, but it's a prime destination for those who are sprinkle-obsessed. Their fancy hot chocolate with sprinkly Christmas tree cookies is just the tip of the sprinkle iceberg for their account. You'll notice that they cleverly incorporate a notch into their cookies so that you can perch them on a mug with your coffee or hot chocolate. If you think the cookies are cool, you should see their cupcakes and macarons. From special occasions to festive desserts, their page has tons of gorgeous pictures of their creations.

Juniper Cakery is a U.K.-based bakery design business, and they sell both their treats and their sprinkles online. With the high production value they give to their Instagram photos, their online presence must be adding to their success. With gorgeous colors and intricate details, just scrolling through their feed is a treat. It's impressive to see the many ways you can use sprinkles, and they creatively incorporate them into both food and drinks.

5. Sweet Life by Lori

You can tell from the sprinkle assortment above, all kinds of treats decked out in autumn sprinkles, that this creator isn't messing around when it comes to decorating sweets. The Instagram account for Sweet Life by Lori is great because not only does she not skimp on the sprinkles, but she plays with different colors. Rather than sticking with pastels, Sweet Life by Lori offers an array of colors and designs to go with the season and event she is decorating for. From autumn reds and oranges to holiday metallics and reds, she clearly likes to play with bright colors. The sprinkles she uses are also varied, covering every base in style and shape too.

This New York-based business uses sprinkles in most of its photos, so it's worth a look if you want to see some of the creative uses and designs available for your sprinkles. Her posts also often have a positive message and a grateful attitude. That can be a nice way to give yourself a boost and remember to be happy. Gazing at delicious treats can't hurt either.

6. Janine Bakes

Check out these delicate silver sprinkles on pretty pink iced cupcakes. These are a creation from the Instagram for Janine Bakes, and you'll notice that each cupcake is a little different. Clearly the cake designer is talented and able to do amazing things with icing. The sprinkles accent the look of each in a great way, giving the cupcakes an elegant appearance. This photo shows just one of their many beautiful treat options, as the account is teeming with gorgeous sprinkled cupcakes in all kinds of designs and colors. You wouldn't think that cupcakes could be so versatile, but they do it well.

Janine Bakes has a decent but modest number of followers now, but is sure to grow. With cupcakes as their specialty, they also design full-sized cakes as well, and they don't forget the sprinkles. You could say that the sprinkles are the star of the show, sitting delicately atop fanciful creations so pretty you might not want to eat them. It is hard to bite into something so gorgeous and detailed, but luckily we can share them on Instagram first.

7. Sprinkly UK

You've got to love these spooky ghost cake pops, and of course they're covered in gorgeous sprinkles. What else would you expect from the Instagram account Sprinkly U.K.? As you may have surmised, this is a U.K. based sprinkle brand. They are family-run and offer an incredible assortment of sprinkles on their website. Their sprinkle mixes cover a spectrum of colors, with all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit your next delicious project. They also have themed sprinkles for holidays and sparkling sugar for more subtle accents.

The Sprinkly U.K. Instagram is a sight to behold, with canisters spilling out sprinkles of every color and gorgeous treats decked out with sprinkles. Judging by their number of followers, their talents have not gone unnoticed. Their posts are a feast for the eyes, boasting tons of colors and settings. You certainly won't get bored looking through what they've shared. Be sure to give their pictures a look; you might have found your new favorite sprinkle-maker.

8. Sarah's Creative Kitchen

These sprinkled chocolate bars would be the perfect colorful party favors. A tasty product from Sarah's Creative Kitchen, this is one among many great photos offered on their Instagram. Boasting more than 100k followers, this U.K.-based treat-creator often uses sprinkles in amazing ways. Their main focus is chocolates, but this baker also offers cookies and other options, showing off the creativity highlighted in their name. You may have noticed the customized letters affixed to each of the chocolate bars above. It makes sense that their account often uses the "bespoke" hashtag to bring attention to the personalized touches they give their creations.

Aside from browsing all the fun photos, their account is also great because they sometimes offer sales and contests, making a follow even more worth your while. The creator behind all of the deliciousness also pops in with a post sometimes to say hello and have a chat. It's nice to see the face behind the magic, and know you're (at least virtually) in the company of a fellow sprinkle fan.

9. The Shire Bakery

Welcome to sprinkle heaven! These pastel beauties are among many posts from The Shire Bakery that show off so many different colors and styles of sprinkles, you won't want to look away from your screen. Those who truly love sprinkles will also love this account. Their photos make it clear that they are sprinkle people, with one post displaying text over a background of sprinkles that reads, "Sprinkle addict? Say hello to your new dealer..." I guess there are worse addictions to have. Plus, you can at least get a hit of the sprinkle drug just by scrolling through the accounts of sprinkle experts.

They are another U.K.-based sprinkle business, and they boast that they are a premium sprinkle supplier, making the point clear that their sprinkles are special. Not that you'd question them, since they have the photos to prove it. In particular, you may appreciate that their sprinkles come in really impressive and detailed shapes, such as stars and even candy cactus sprinkles. You've really got to see what they have to believe it. It's a whole new world for sprinkles these days, that's for sure.

10. The Flour Girl

If you love glistening turquoise sprinkle donuts, you'll love the rest of the Instagram photos shared by Lindsay, The Flour Girl. This self-taught cake artist is based in Toronto, Canada. Lindsay has an enormous following, and you can definitely see why. In some posts, she shows her process and you can see first-hand how her beautiful creations take shape. Her skills are apparent from the photos alone. With an eye for detail, she carefully places icing and sprinkles in a way that leaves each of her sugary treats perfectly balanced in form.

Part of the fun of The Flour Girl's Instagram is seeing the range of goodies she has to display. Unafraid of experimentation, she often takes on unique cake projects and almost always uses sprinkles for a lovely touch. She sometimes incorporates sprinkles as a subtle decorative element, and other times they are the center of attention. Since sprinkles add fun and flair to any dessert, you'll find plenty of them in the Flour Girl feed. Her edible art is full of whimsy, and definitely some of the best on Instagram.

11. Sprinkles Cupcakes

What would this list be without Sprinkles Cupcakes? Their official Instagram has plenty of sprinkles to go around, including these iced animal cracker cupcakes with dainty multi-colored sprinkles. The Sprinkles Cupcakes account has more than half a million followers, making them the most popular on this list, and certainly one of the most popular sweets businesses on Instagram. As you might imagine, they love sprinkles. Their cupcakes are often liberally sprinkled, and their devotees are willing to wait in long lines to get fresh cupcakes.

If you've never had Sprinkles Cupcakes, you should make a pilgrimage to the location nearest to you. They are moist and delicious and get great reviews from those who have tried them. In fact, there are actually Sprinkles Cupcakes vending machines, also called "cupcake ATMs," according to Southern Living, for those who need a sugar hit while out and about. Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson even released The Sprinkles Baking Book so you can get a taste of her genius at home.

12. Sprinkles and Toppers

The Instagram for Sprinkles and Toppers is an up-and-comer you should take a peek at. This bespoke U.K. sprinkle company shares tons of sprinkly delights, like these holiday cake pops bursting with sugary goodness. Their posts tend to focus on their amazing sprinkle mixes, showing you all the ways they can be used. Colors and shapes are creatively applied, as shown in the above photo. With hearts, stars, balls, snowflakes, and even tiny Christmas tree sprinkles, their collection is made to bring your sweet treats to life.

Aside from cake pops, they feature sprinkled cookies and cakes. But the highlight of their page has to be their high-quality closeups of the actual sprinkles they sell. Seeing all the detail and care these are made with is amazing for a true sprinkle enthusiast. In particular, you'll notice that they like to blend small sprinkles with big, dark colors with light, and overall give a sense of contrast that will make the sprinkles pop even more once they're placed. If you want to bring out the best in your dessert, add some sprinkles. Or at least you can go and admire the ones on the Sprinkles and Toppers page.

13. Bake Box Boutique

These sprinkled lavender cattail cupcakes are almost too gorgeous to eat, and feature sprinkles from Bake Box Boutique. This U.K. baking supply shop often reposts photos to show how bakers used their sprinkles to create incredible, edible works of art. This one in particular is pretty amazing. Originally posted by Little Bird Bakes, it shows so many details and several shades of lavender purple blended together to perfection. Bake Box Boutique's followers would agree that these posts are fun to look at. These photos may inspire one to get creative in the kitchen, but even if not, we can all certainly admire where others have succeeded.

If you want to try making your own sprinkle-covered cake, you can try out our Funfetti cake recipe. No one will blame you if you keep scrolling through the beautiful Instagram photos, though. They are mesmerizing, and even addictive. Just like sprinkles.

14. Sweet Confetti

The sprinkly treats on this Instagram account are out of control, and these chocolate-dipped cookie treats, dripping in sprinkles, are sure to make your mouth water. The Instagram account Sweet Confetti posted these in collaboration with Sprinkle Pop for GACTV. The cookies feature Sprinkle Pop's colorful sprinkles, and of course, this makes them even more appetizing. These festive sprinkles stand out, perfectly accentuating the chocolate for a candied cookie anyone would leap at the chance to try.

Sweet Confetti is growing a sizeable following. Her account names the baker Jamie as a digital creator who shares seasonal sweets and inspiration. In addition to baking, Jamie makes fancy drinks, including Frappés decorated with sprinkles around the rim of the glass, topped with sprinkled-coated cream sandwiches. Impressive, to say the least. Sprinkles are a big part of Jamie's brand, making an appearance in almost every post. So, if you want an Instagram account that will deliver on the sprinkles, Sweet Confetti is a great one to check out.

15. Meringue Sisters

Who knew sprinkles and meringue went so well together? These gorgeous meringue pops were made for the Easter holiday by the Meringue Sisters. Their Instagram focuses on meringue desserts, which makes it somewhat unique. Importantly, they love sprinkles and make a point of using them in many of their fascinating creations. The sisters describe themselves in their profile as having "The sweetest meringue and the best sprinkles in town." Need they say more?

Based in the Netherlands, this business elevates meringue to an art form through their use of color and decorative elements. Sprinkles give depth and texture to their meringues, for a treat that is chewy and delicious, but also beautiful. The crunch of sprinkles must also go well with meringue, making these desserts is an interesting and satisfying eating experience. The colors are worth noting, as this Instagram makes great use of backgrounds to show off the hard work they put into crafting their meringues, placing the sprinkles, and staging these lovely photos.

16. The Sprinkle Co.

Pour some sprinkles on me! The Sprinkle Co. uses Instagram to show off their elegant and eye-catching sprinkle mixes, like this dusty rose combination. This sprinkle seller offers tons of colors and styles to boost a confection's sparkle factor. Based in Australia, their account calls its product "Australia's most loved sprinkles," and it's clear why from their pictures. Practically every photo offers a glimpse at their sprinkle collection, and the many ways their sprinkles can be used.

Whether you want to see elaborate wedding cupcakes decked out in sprinkly goodness, or closeups of the sprinkles that The Sprinkle Co. distributes, they've got you covered. With a wide variety of sizes and colors, their sprinkles can be center stage or used as a pretty accessory. Their sprinkles are available in all the colors of the rainbow as well, and their mixes thoughtfully blend complementary colors so their buyers can pour sprinkles from the bag knowing the end result will be gorgeous.

17. Cas' Cakery

Cassie Watene is an Australian cake designer who loves to incorporate sprinkles into her creations and is a must-see on Instagram. Her account, Cas' Cakery, is well-known for sharing instructive how-to videos for aspiring bakers. Plus, the outcome of all her hard work is always an incredible cake, so it's worth seeing just for that. Her content has been shared enough to get her to around a quarter of a million followers, making her a bonafide hit in the baking community.

The Cas' Cakery website offers a shopping section, a blog, and links to her full courses for those who want to get serious about learning her craft. She's partnered with several manufacturers of baking goods, including sprinkle sellers, to offer her followers discounts. It's no surprise that she's become a sprinkle influencer given how often she uses them. If you need some inspiration, her Instagram will show you how to use sprinkles right.

18. Cake N Bake

Their sprinkle options from Cake N Bake are seemingly endless, from metallics to round baubles, bunny and cloud shapes, and so on. A growing U.K. business, they currently have a few thousand followers and are making their way in the sprinkle community. They offer bags, jars, and even trays of sprinkles to meet the needs of any baker who is ready to play. Their feed is obsessed with sprinkles, with high-quality photos that will have you building your sprinkle wish list.

Customers weigh in at times to say they're excited to get started using Cake N Bake's sprinkles, and are eagerly awaiting their order. These sprinkles are clearly well made, plus they photograph well. Their Instagram shows close-ups of their sprinkles, plus examples of how they've been used by bakers in decadent creations. Their glossy sprinkles are fabulous, but their matte finish sprinkles are also awesome. There are all sorts to choose from, or just to scroll through.

19. Cake Maker St. Annes

These amazing sprinkle-covered cake pops feature forest creatures, gold paint accents, and leaf and acorn details. They are totally fantastic and were made by a business specializing in cake pops (or "cakesicles," as they call them). The Instagram for Cake Maker St. Anne's is overflowing with sprinkle-covered treats. Though the focus is on their cakesicles similar to those above, they also make cupcakes and chocolates, all similarly decked out with sprinkles and other thoughtful details. The cakesicles are definitely the main attraction though, and their page has tons of different designs that feature jaw-dropping ornamentation, with an ideal assortment of sprinkles featured as part of each.

The U.K.-based Cake Maker St. Anne's is run by Sophie, who says in her profile that she offers, "Bright & bold affordable luxury treats." These treats she makes are of such apparent quality and style, it's no wonder the account is racking up followers. If they keep using sprinkles liberally, they're sure to have more.

20. PICNARTsugar

This Australian sprinkle-maker has all sorts of sprinkles perfect for decorating, including these delicate round sprinkles used to accent the cupcakes above. PICNARTsugar has some serious Instagram skills, sharing and reposting tons of sprinkle-heavy images that are breathtaking. Let's not forget to mention all the skills they employ when decorating, and finding just the right spot for all their sprinkles.

Their color scheme is definitely bright and airy, with most of their sprinkles being pastels or other light colors. This theme works well, and gives their Instagram a dreamlike quality, so it becomes a satisfying place to scroll indefinitely. With more than 8k followers, the Australian sprinkle maker is sure to keep growing. Hopefully they keep posting too, because they definitely have some of the best sprinkle photos on Instagram. It's curated, sprinkly goodness all the way down, ready for you to admire. Just don't let your boss catch you scrolling and drooling over their sprinkles.

21. Neon Yolk Shop

The Neon Yolk Shop specializes in positive, optimistic sprinkle designs and shows creations featuring their sprinkles on Instagram. The Neon Yolk website has pages upon pages of sprinkles for sale, with plenty of designs and colors for creative bakers to choose from. Their "unicorn daydream" mix is especially gorgeous, with golden unicorn horn sprinkles, rainbows, hearts, stars, and more all within that one mix.

It isn't surprising that dessert makers are taking to Instagram to show off what they've been able to do with Neon Yolk sprinkles. With quality photos, the details of these intricate sprinkles really stand out. Luckily, many of these posts are reposted on the Neon Yolk Instagram, so you don't have to go looking. They're all right there for you to see. Plus, they sometimes have contests you can take part in to win some of their sprinkles for yourself. Maybe your cakes could end up featured in one of their posts.

22. Sprinkle Boutique

Sprinkle close-ups and cakes covered in sprinkles are what you'll find on Sprinkle Boutique's Instagram, and of course, that is just what you're looking for. This sprinkle seller is located in Australia and is making a name for themselves and their lovely sprinkles. Their account offers a hashtag that creators can use to show off what they've made with Sprinkle Boutique's products, and they often feature these photos in their feed. Just as cool are their zoomed-in shots that show the detail of their sprinkle mixes for fans to ogle.

They also use their account to post about special deals and giveaways, so you have a chance of scoring some of their sprinkles at a discount, or even for free. One of their best mixes has dog bone sprinkles and colorful balls, which would make for a perfect pup-themed cake. Your imagination will definitely enjoy the creative possibilities once inspired by their photos.

23. Sugar Crush Sprinkles

Based in India, Sugar Crush Sprinkles shows off amazing shots, like these shining, pastel foil sprinkles used to decorate an Oreo pop. These metallic sprinkles are part of their luxe line, but the colors offered by many of their sprinkle mixes will leave an impression. Their account states that these mixes are custom-made. One recent post displays a Christmas-themed sprinkle mix, complete with candy cane sprinkles and big snowflakes. You can imagine these going over well at a holiday party, though maybe you'd eat your own Christmas cupcakes before they made it out the door.

With inventive color combinations and plenty of quality photos, this Instagram is a great one to keep up with. The sprinkles Sugar Crush shares with their fans are world-class, and they're only getting started. Less than six months into starting their Instagram, they already have over a thousand followers. We're definitely going to want to keep an eye on Sugar Crush Sprinkles for ideas.

24. Sprinklify

Just look at these sprinkled, colorful macarons! Decked out as ornaments, people are sure to try to imitate these for holiday events. The photo was shared by Sprinklify, a great sprinkle maker sharing gorgeous shots on Instagram. This growing Miami brand posts often and shares decorative desserts that will inspire. Some of their recent images have shown incredible flamingo, dog pawprint, and teddy bear-shaped sprinkles. It seems they have something for everyone and aren't afraid to make unique products that are a little out-of-the-box.

You can check out their account to see their sprinkles adorn macarons, cupcakes, ice cream, donuts, and more. If the junk food shots aren't enough, their love of bright colors is a perfect way to give your day and mood a quick boost. In addition to sprinkles, the company also makes edible glitter, so you can create something as mesmerizing on the outside as it is delicious on the inside.

25. Halo Sprinkles

Self-described seller of "luxury sprinkles mixes," the Halo Sprinkles account on Instagram is one you have to follow. Their sprinkles are just lovely! From gingerbread men to spooky Halloween shapes, they have something for every occasion. You can even use them to spruce up an everyday treat. For example, you could drop some of their festive sprinkles over your whipped-cream-topped hot chocolate, as shown above.

More than 15k have followed the Halo Sprinkles Instagram, and they are only becoming more popular. Their brand ships worldwide, and their website even offers vegan sprinkles for those with dietary restrictions. Get ready to fall in love with the creative ways their sprinkles are shown. With vibrant colors and fun options to choose from, these sprinkles need to be in your social feed.

Finally, you have to give some love to their catchphrase. Their profile says, "You had me at Halo." And it's true.