Reddit Is Cracking Up At The Eyes On This Starbucks Snowman

While Starbucks holiday drinks, such as the Peppermint Mocha, the Caramel Brulée Latte, or the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, tend to get most of the attention during the winter season, the company also rolls out a wide variety of fun and festive food this time of year. One such popular holiday item is the cute little Snowman Cookie. These sweet, "buttery" shortbread cookies are shaped like a snowman, covered in white icing, and decorated with an adorable scarf and earmuffs, black buttons, a little carrot nose, and two black dots to represent coals for the eyes (via Starbucks). Or at least, this is how they are supposed to look.

However, one Starbucks barista recently stumbled upon one Snowman Cookie that looked like it had experienced a minor manufacturing error, and they just had to share it with their fellow Starbucks workers and fans on the r/starbucks subreddit. "The snowman got a new set of eyes," u/TyrannicalKitty joked, posting a photo of a Starbucks cookie that boasted big, googly white and black eyes, rather than its standard black dots of icing.

The Snowman Cookie has the eyes of a Reindeer Cake Pop

Predictably, other Reddit users couldn't stop joking about the strange-looking Snowman Cookie. "Where are the bodies, Mr. Snowman Cookie. Show us where you're hiding them," posted one user. "That's my regular with venti white mocha with 4 extra shots," chimed in u/Little_Engine_7393. "When mom says you have snowman cookies at home," another barista joked. 

It appears that this particular snowman's eyes were mistakenly (or not) replaced with the eyes of another sweet Starbucks treat, the new Reindeer Cake Pop. One Reddit user even jokingly reenacted the pretend eye-switching scenario, writing, "Surgeon: 'the surgery was a success' Snowman: 'oh that's great. Wait. Where's reindeer?' Surgeon: 'who do you think gave you the eyes?'" 

While the bigger set of eyes might not look out of place with the red nose and antlers that make up the reindeer's round, vanilla-and-chocolate face, it is hard to deny that it does look a little funny on the snowman. Although this particular Snowman Cookie might look silly, it probably still tastes just as good as the others.