Costco Fans Can't Wait To Try This Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cheese

Ahh, cheese. Is there anything better? According to Wisconsin Cheese, there are at least 1,800 different types of cheeses on the market that can be worked into numerous recipes, incorporated into a gorgeous charcuterie board, or paired with a nice glass of wine. With its clear versatility, we'd go as far as to argue that the dairy product is one of the most crowd-pleasing foods around that could only be made better if there was some way for us to indulge in it for dessert. Oh wait...there is!

Though not necessarily the preferred final course for everybody, there are several types of cheeses that can act as a replacement for your usual after-dinner cookie or slice of cake. Ricotta is one of those magical varieties that All Recipes says works well in both savory and sweet manners, thanks to its silky texture and subtle sweetness. If you're on team cheese for dessert, Costco has an excellent version of it in stock for you to try. Now sitting on the shelves at the popular big-box retailer are packages of baked chocolate chip ricotta cheese, and we're willing to bet the product is just as tasty as it sounds. The dessert cheese was spotted this week by Costco fan Instagram account @costcobuys, whose followers can hardly wait to get their hands on a wedge.

Costco shoppers have big plans for their new chocolate chip ricotta cheese

If you're not a fan of having cheese for dessert, perhaps baked chocolate chip ricotta cheese will change your mind. Described simply as "a creamy dessert cheese with chocolate" on its packaging (with an added note that it pairs well with prosecco), this mouthwatering product made by Italian cheesemaker Zappala is now available in-stores, according to Instagram user @costcobuys, whose recent post about the product has generated some serious hype amongst their followers. "Have any of you guys tried this?" the account asked on Thursday, December 9, about the treat that runs for $11.49 per pound.

As of this writing, it does not appear that any of their followers have taste-tested this heavenly dessert cheese, though that's not to say that they aren't willing to give it a try. Along with over 700 likes, the post's comments section has been filled with notes from Costco shoppers expressing their excitement to purchase the product, like user @costcowins, who said that they "definitely need to try this." Others shared what they planned on doing with it once they were able to grab it from the store. "Chocolate ricotta pancakes are in order," one Instagrammer declared, while another said they just wanted to eat the sweet cheese straight with graham crackers. As for us? We think this delicious chocolate chip-infused ricotta would make the perfect filling for cannolis.