Here's How Much Arby's Paid For Pharrell's Famous Hat

Most Americans know at least two things about Arby's: They have the meats, as their slogan says, and their sign looks like a cowboy hat (via Eater). However, many people don't know the true meaning of Arby's name. Does it come from an acronym referring to the chain's roast beef? Is there a mysterious Arby walking around? As it turns out, the restaurant revealed on Twitter that neither of these theories is true and that Arby's is actually named after the Raffel Brothers, who founded Arby's (RB's, get it?) in 1964.

But what's the story behind the hat? No one knows for sure, but it has been suggested that the 10-gallon hat represents America's love of the "Old West," Towers reports. That would make a lot of sense, given Arby's original Western aesthetic.

Since the Arby's hat is so widely recognized, the restaurant took notice when the internet freaked out over the hat Pharrell Williams wore to the 2014 Grammy Awards (via CNN). Was it a coincidence that the two hats were nearly identical? The fast food chain didn't think so.

Arby's wants its hat back

So many people were commenting on Pharrell's hat, it's no wonder Arby's found the thread. The chain tagged Pharrell on Twitter, jokingly asking for the hat's return. Pharrell responded by including the hat in his eBay auction to benefit the children's charity From One Hand to Another, reports Rolling Stone.

The restaurant chain cast its bid for the hat, ultimately donating $44,100 to From One Hand to Another (via Delish). After winning the auction, they tweeted again to express how glad they were for Pharrell's hat to be returned to them and to donate to the cause, making it obvious that Arby's not only has the meats, but also has a big heart.

According to Business Insider, From One Hand to Another helped fund learning centers for at-risk children and paved the way for Pharrell's new nonprofit, Yellow. According to their website, Yellow also funds education in disadvantaged communities, including programs for technology, science, math, and the arts.