These $7,500 El Pollo Loco Bikes Didn't Last Long

Popular Mexican chain El Pollo Loco announced its latest project earlier this month: an online store called Loco Gifts and Gear that sells exclusive merchandise from the brand, including clothing, totes, hats, skateboard decks, and more. According to a press release shared by El Pollo Loco, the company teamed up with well-known "Los Angeles-based Latino creators" Rick Massie, Manny Silva, and David Flores to create items for the store. Andy Rebhun, senior vice president of marketing at the company said in a statement, "At El Pollo Loco, we are incredibly proud of our L.A. Mex heritage, so we wanted to create truly distinct, high-quality merchandise that really captures the ethos and culture of our brand and our community." 

One of these unique products is a lowrider bike designed by Silva, an entrepreneur from Compton, California. Per ABC7 News, Silva is highly experienced and is known as the "Godfather of Lowrider Bikes," thanks to his extensive background in the industry. Silva started working on bikes as a 10-year-old child and never stopped chasing his passion even after he moved to the U.S. from Mexico the 1970s. He decided to open his bike shop in Compton in 1973 and gained popularity for creating a wide range of customized two-wheelers.

The product is now unavailable

According to a description posted on the Loco Gifts & Gear website, every product at the store "is a result of a one time, exclusive collaboration" and is available in limited quantities. As highlighted by the brand, the La Flama Bike by Manny Silva features gold spoked rims, an attractive-looking seat and handles with flame detailing, a cleaver and grill fork that are detachable, a "decorative mini-grill with working flames," and much more. The product is priced at $7,500 and can be paid for in four installments if required.

The bad news is that the item seems to be out of stock just days after its December 3 launch (El Pollo Loco's Loco Rewards members were given early access to the bike and the rest of the merch on December 2). Per an Instagram post shard by El Pollo Loco, the bike was exclusively available on the Loco Gifts & Gear website. El Pollo Loco fans were impressed by the bike on Instagram, with one gushing, "Omg...I hope I find one of these under my Xmas tree! Sweet a** ride!"

On the flip side, the store is a bit too expensive for some and its products feel out of reach. An Instagram user said, "I looked at the merch. I'd love to buy shirts but the prices are absolutely ridiculous!"