This Microwave Has Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews And Is Voice Activated

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Pushing buttons is so outdated. Head squarely into the "now" with the voice-activated Amazon Basics Microwave. The unit works seamlessly with an Echo device (not included), which many may know simply as "Alexa."

If you like the look of the model but don't have or want an Echo device, no worries. You can still use it like a regular microwave, albeit with a simplified keypad. However, anyone who wants to take advantage of the next level quick-cook voice presets and other voice control features needs to have an Echo on hand. Bonus: Per the product description, "Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new presets."

This particular model is 0.7 cubic feet, so it's on the small side. In terms of power, it heats up food quite nicely at 700 watts. The microwave has 10 power levels, a child safety lock, a turntable, and a kitchen timer. It's also countertop-friendly. Thus, even though it's small, it's definitely mighty.

Consumer reviews of the Amazon Basics Microwave

Most customers are pleased with this microwave, with 68 percent of over 30,000 reviews giving it a 5-star rating. "Although the Alexa integration seemed a little gimmicky at first, I quickly changed my mind after realizing how simple it was to use," says customer RainNW. "Traditional microwaves have a million features, but honestly, do you even know how to use half of them?" RainNW also shares that the microwave is perfect for heating up a cup of coffee or a dinner plate. In terms of safety, the user notes that the Amazon Basics Microwave has a lot of safeguards in place to keep things from going crazy. "It will only turn on for reasonable amounts of times (my attempt to microwave tea for 10 or 100 hours did not work)."

Of course, there's no such thing as a perfect product — and this microwave is no exception. According to reviewer Massachusetts, "there are times you have to rephrase a command for it to work." For example, the command "start microwave for two minutes" didn't do the trick, but "microwave for two minutes" worked just fine. Its few small quirks notwithstanding, it's still a pretty cool thing to experience!

Buy the Amazon Basics Microwave on Amazon for $52.79.