Trader Joe's Fans Are Divided On Its Scandinavian Tidings Gummy Candy

Over the years, Trader Joe's has grown somewhat of a cult following. While the grocery chain itself is beloved by many for its affordable selection of store brand products, specific items have also gained notoriety as must-haves among Trader Joe's fans.

Judging by the sales and reviews, it's clear some products are pretty beloved by all — or maybe "by most" would be a better way to phrase it. Everything But the Bagel seasoning, cauliflower gnocchi, mandarin orange chicken, and the dark chocolate peanut butter cups are just a few of the most popular TJ's creations.

While, not everything can be a hit (and some Trader Joe's products have gotten a less than favorable reaction), maybe the only thing worse than a bad review is a mixed one. How are you to know if a product is actually worth trying? Unfortunately, that is what's happening now inside the Trader Joe's fandom. On a post by fan Instagram account Trader Joe's Food Reviews, followers debated the seasonal Scandinavian Tidings gummy treats.

TJ's customers had mixed feelings about the holiday gummies

"You all know I'm a BIG fan of Scandinavian Swimmers," the Instagram review started, "but these are not my favorite variety out of them all." A festive take on Trader Joe's sea-inspired gummy candies, Scandinavian Swimmers (via Trader Joe's), the brand's seasonal Scandinavian Tidings just didn't do it for a lot of people.

"This variety is awful. The green trees ruined it for me," one commenter on the Instagram post shared. "I love the swimmers so I got these but mine kind of tasted like soap," another wrote.

However, the reactions weren't all bad. In fact, many people had great things to say about the chewy treats. "I love these. I put them in all my gift baskets too," one happy customer wrote. Another reviewer in the comments said "These are my absolute favorite! I look forward to them every holiday season!"

The Instagram fan account gave the candies a 7/10, which isn't really a bad rating overall. If you want to judge them for yourself, you should be able to find them at your local Trader Joe's for just $2.99. (Hey, if you really hate them as much as some reviewers do, you can always take advantage of Trader Joe's generous return policy.)