Why Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Stand The Plastic Film On Containers

When you're hungry, few things are worse than stubborn packaging. A jar that won't open. A seal that cannot be peeled away. A perforated bag that will not tear. A plastic film that refuses to break. It truly does not get much worse than having your snack so close, but just out of reach.

To be fair, these seals and packaging are for consumer safety and to keep products fresh. You've probably seen phrases such as, "Do not eat if seal is broken," which are printed on the seals for your peanut butter or jelly. According to The Daily Meal, even if the food inside looks perfectly fine, it could still give you food poisoning from the bacterial buildup.

However, many of these seals have a tab or some other way to easily remove them. So what's the excuse for the plastic films that simply cannot be peeled away from the container? Trader Joe's shoppers, in particular, have a bone to pick with these stubborn seals. 

Plastic films keep out bacteria... and hungry humans

Imagine you've just bought a little container of fresh guacamole. You get your chips ready and pop the lid off the guac, but the plastic film refuses to peel away. This is exactly why so many Trader Joe's shoppers took to Reddit to complain.

One person commented that they always resort to stabbing the seal a dozen or so times until the plastic crumbles and has to be fished out of the food. Another person said the best method they had come across was using a paring knife to cut around the inside of the plastic film to remove it all in one piece.

A few people were able to joke about the situation, like user Cgomez, who said, "One time the seal came off a tub of the spicy hummus cleanly and I felt like I should have run out and bought a lotto ticket." User Illustrious_Sun9607 commented, "If anyone can get these plastic films off properly, please contact me with tutorials." Know that if you struggle with plastic films, you are not alone.