Reddit Is Drooling Over The Marbling On These Costco Steaks

When getting a piece of meat, you want to make sure it has the proper ratio of fat to lean meat. This distribution of fat, known as marbling, determines how juicy and flavorful the final cooked piece of meat will taste, and can result in a much more tender cut of protein (per Masterclass). 

In theory, tracking down some properly marbled steak shouldn't prove too hard. Anyone looking to get a great cut should look for white flecks of fat found throughout their steak, and fine marbling that consists of evenly distributed small bits of fat through the meat proves more desirable than medium and coarse marbling for some (via Fuller Consulting).

With these tips in mind, consumers constantly stay on the lookout for quality steaks — and users over at r/Costco found a very well-marbled set of steaks. One user posted a picture of the particular find alongside the title "look at that marbling," and users couldn't wait to share their thoughts on this meat.

Ton of love for well-marbled meat

Redditors couldn't wait to share their thoughts about the steaks and Costco in general. Some chimed in with comments like, "That looks amazing. I'm always worried I'm going to screw up 80 bucks worth of steak on the grill. That why I only buy myself the cheap stuff lol," and "Those look excellent. Post the final product when you cook em." Others couldn't believe the price tag, commenting with, "It's unfortunately over shadowed by that price.... Woof. Looks bomb though!" and "$80? That's what I spend for two weeks of food. Its been years since I had a steak. Probably twenty years since I bought steaks. Is that price normal or is that inflation price? They look really tasty though." 

Others merely lamented Costco's butchery practices, saying, "My store always removes the caps to sell separately or something. Its so sad," and "I wish Costco didn't blade tenderize their steaks. At least not the Ribeyes, NY strips and the tenderloins. I would understand if this was a tougher cut of meat. But Ribeyes practically melt in your mouth. Why risk introducing pathogens to an already tender cut of meat?"

If you have $80 for a meat budget, make sure you check out your local Costco and see if they can match this deal. With any luck, you might just find some well-marbled steaks in your area that can tempt you to pull the grill out of storage.