TikTok Can't Stop Talking About This Texas Roadhouse Server Fainting At Work

Most people know that being a restaurant server is hard work. But as TikTok user and Texas Roadhouse employee @whitneynbrand knows all too well, it's a lot harder if you forget to eat and pass out in the middle of a double shift. Whitney posted a video of herself from what appears to be security camera footage at the Texas Roadhouse where she works, first showing her standing by a register holding her head, then slowly walking across the restaurant, only to collapse in a heap on the floor. She captioned the post, "Heres a tip: Make sure to eat when working doubles all weekend #servinglife #texasroadhouse #passingoutcheck." Her post is blowing up with more than 1 million views.

Many users were sympathetic to her experience. As Lindsey Tankersley noted, "I'm a server as well at a steak house and it's very hard to get time to eat during the day when you work doubles and you're always busy." User Madison Bernier also commiserated, stating, "Fellow roadie here I'm right there with ya girl those Saturday and Sunday doubles sheeesh." Several viewers commended one of Whitney's more observant co-workers, who can be seen assisting her after she collapsed. One commented, "The one server who watched you and knew something was up. She a real one. ... That's a good co worker," adding affectionate emojis.

One co-worker's reaction is being criticized

However, many viewers of @whiteynbrand's TikTok felt that one coworker's response was lacking. Right after Whitney fell to the ground, another server walked by with a full tray, looked at her, and kept going to his table. User Mad commented, "Lmaoooo home girl had to get that hot food to the table. Sorry sis." Valerie Colwell joked, "That's guys walking right by ya like yea good place for a nap."

However, when user Sarah Hornberger stated, "The fact that your coworker watched you drop and decided the food was more important. Foul. Terrible priorities," Whitney defended her coworker, saying, "I just think I shocked everyone and they didn't know what to do. ... You can't see but I did have like 10 people surrounding me which is why the guy with the food kept walking and he also had hot food." Others defended him as well. Makinley Arcuri noted, "Y'all don't know how serious getting hot food out of the window is. Especially seeing she was okay he was probably like okay I'll lap back." It seems that the coworker in question may even have commented, as a reply from user Jayce Thompson stated, "It honestly took me a solid 5 seconds to even realize what happened. Glad youre okay Whit!" She said back, "You're good buddy lol don't let these comments get to ya."