This LEGO Chick-Fil-A Has Reddit Laughing

Chick-fil-A is perhaps one of the most popular fast-food chains in the country. The company has continued to be successful for over 70 years, despite remaining steadfastly committed to staying closed on Sundays, a day when many restaurants take in quite a bit of business each week. In fact, the company has the most loyal fans of all the fast-food chains, with regular customers frequently returning over and over again, even throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, according to Foursquare's 2021 QSR Loyalty Index Report

There is no denying that Chick-fil-A fans love their favorite chain, and they aren't shy about showing it. Recently, one big Chick-fil-A fan decided to show their love for the chain by creating an elaborate model of the famous restaurant, made entirely out of Legos. The artist, going by the apt username u/darkbrick6085 on Reddit, got the concept from the Legos Idea page. This is where designers and fans of the interlocking brick sets can post their innovative creations, and it sure looks like they executed the idea just about perfectly.

Fellow Chick-fil-A fans loved the creative design

The skilled Lego craftsman posted a photo of the completed project to Reddit, captioned with the clever title "Brick-fil-A." The surprisingly authentic-looking miniature version of the restaurant featured a carefully constructed model of the famous exterior, as well as a detailed interior layout. It was complete with workers behind the counter and in the kitchen, and even customers dining at the little Lego tables. Fellow Chick-fil-A fans on Reddit couldn't help but be delighted by the cute and creative construction of their favorite chain. "I can't give this enough up votes!" replied one Reddit user. "Realistic down to the lemonade and tea. Nice," agreed u/rolyabV. "Is this one open on Sundays?" joked another user. 

While each Chick-fil-A location is a little different, the original poster explained they tried their best to make this model "similar to a lot of the buildings I've seen," with their only exception being that theirs is "open 24 hours a day as well, so you can visit it with your LEGO minifigures any time," and it sure seems like they hit the mark. It turns out loyal Chick-fil-A customers aren't just fans of a good chicken sandwich, but they are also a pretty creative bunch as well.