Reddit Wants This Half-Life Cake To Be Smashed With A Crowbar

Commenters on Reddit were almost begging for a creepy cake to get smashed with a crowbar. Why? Redditor u/ql_Nik_lp shared, "Yesterday I had a birthday and this is the cake my wife brought me." This creation wasn't something meant for small children (seriously, crowbars are not child-friendly) but instead an adult birthday cake with a "Half-Life" theme. Let's begin at the beginning for some context. 

"Half-Life" is a beloved video game that debuted in 1998 and has since spawned a number of sequels and spinoffs (via Half-Life Fandom). The hero of the story, Gordon Freeman, travels around a research facility combatting aliens, often with a crowbar. If the character dies, one of the baddies says, "Somebody ... Take his crowbar" (via CBR). One of the most frequent things a player is supposed to hit with this crowbar is the notorious "headcrab," which is described in-game by a Black Mesa Scientist (via the Half-Life Fandom site): "These 'crab' creatures can completely control their host's nervous system." 

The cake shared on Reddit is – that's right – a headcrab! The response by fans was obvious with Redditor mitchanium asking, "Did you mash it with a crowbar when serving it?

This cake is a lie

The headcrab cake caused put thoughts of crowbars to occupy people's heads on Reddit. User Thefnmob13 posted, "Instinctively grabs crowbar," and Norgur added, "Damn, she put so much work into this cake ... just so it gets smashed up by a crowbar. Sad, but this is the way." A third commenter wondered, "Did you cut it with w crowbar?" The original poster followed up, however, by linking to a photo of the cake being cut with a giant knife instead (via Imgur)  and sharing, "It's a bit less canonical but still effective." Clearly a lost opportunity.

However, fans took the opportunity to reference yet another fan-favorite aspect of the "Half-Life" universe. People said that "the cake is a lie," a line from the game "Portal" that alludes to a cake that's dangled as a reward that fails to materialize (via Know Your Meme). Some wondered if this implied a not-so-subtle hint from the OP's wife. Redditor jupiterclaw seemed to see a different kind of fake cake: "Nice, I think she is trying to tell you something, basically confirming half life 3. This is good news." Sorry fans, we don't have any updates about a "Half-Life 3." 

We do, however, know more about the headcrab cake. In the thread, the OP shares that the cake's flavor is "Lemon chocolate" and that the horns are "basically sugar and cocoa, but yeah, I took a nice bite of it!" Overall, it seems Reddit enjoyed this fantastic food design.