What To Know Before Applying For A Job At In-N-Out

When craving a burger, fries, and milkshake in California, In-N-Out is a great place to go. With the slogan "quality you can taste," the fast food chain warrants nothing but excellence. It has been around since the late '40s and continues to be a popular burger joint in California. With over 370 locations in 7 states, In-N-Out offers tons of employment opportunities (via ScrapeHero). 

In-N-Out offers competitive wages, generous benefits packages, and opportunities for advancement within the company (via In-N-Out). Basically, once you're in, In-N-Out ensures you're taken care of comfortably. On the restaurant level, cashiers, line cooks, and other employees have access to paid vacation, career growth, competitive hourly salary, and a flexible schedule, which is a big advantage for students, parents, or other working adults. Because the hamburger chain follows a "promote-from-within" work style, employees have the chance to rise through the management ranks, which is an eight-step process as detailed on the restaurant's website. At the corporate level, employees have access to vacation benefits, free meals, work events, associate discounts, 401K, gym membership discounts, and insurance. So, what do you need to know when you're applying for a job at In-N-Out Burger?

This insider tip is your golden ticket to getting hired at In-N-Out

If you're seeking a job at your local In-N-Out, it could be useful to know the burger chain harbors a number of well-kept secrets including a program called Multiplying Winners. In an interview with Thrillist, a former general manager shared about the program, which is the best way to get hired. "They have a program called Multiplying Winners. If you refer someone who gets hired, you get paid," she revealed. As it turns out, knowing someone who already works at the burger restaurant is a great way to get your foot in the door, which sometimes leads to In-N-Out locations staffed by siblings, family relatives, and friends.

Upon further investigation, it appears applications stay active for 60 days. Those applying at the restaurant level can check in with the individual store for a status update on a job application. The Employment FAQ webpage recommends meeting in person to ask about the store's specific needs. If you're interested in a management position, you will start off as an hourly associate and have to complete an ongoing training and development program — In-N-Out doesn't just let anyone in without getting a taste of the front and back-of-house work first, and even trains their managers in a facility known as In-N-Out Univerisity (via In-N-Out). While getting a referral is a good way to get your application seen by management, it's not the only way to land a job at the chain.