Chex Just Gave Its Traditional Flavor An Upgrade

For those unfamiliar with the magic that is Chex Mix, the traditional variation of the popular snack involves "wheat Chex, pretzels, rye chips, and mini breadsticks combined with a unique seasoning blend," per the official website, though it also comes in varying flavors from Ghost Pepper to Max'd Buffalo Ranch to Jalapeno Cheddar. And, there's even some sweet options like Honey Nut or Cookies N' Cream Muddy Buddies (per

The mixture was originally created by a pet food company called Ralston Purina (per St. Louis Post-Dispatch) that combined the savory and salty bite-sized snacks together to create a mix of umami flavors and textures that have delighted palates for years. And, while Chex Mix has clearly been innovative in the past, bringing new flavor profiles to the already solid and stacked grab bag, their most recent upgrade to the original flavor will really have mouths watering with a theme of more, more, more!

Chex amplifies the flavor in a newly revamped traditional blend

While many have tried to make their own DIY Chex Mix using instructions they find online or on the back of a box of Chex cereal, there is no denying the blend of flavors and pure joy one gets from eating the store-bought version. Recently, the OG Chex Mix flavor got a remix and people seem to be very excited for this one in particular. Chew Boom reports Chex Mix: More Flavor adds "a boost of extra flavor" to the already stacked taste of the original, with a more potent blend of spices.

Marketing Manager Joe Driscoll told the New York Times that the last three months of the year are often referred to as "our Chex Party Mix season," alluding to the fact that there will be many other flavor reveals forthcoming. So, while you may love adding traditional Chex Mix to your holiday snack bowls, it might be time to reconsider and be open to change, because ready or not, more new flavors like this will be here before you know it.