Is Denny's Open On Christmas 2021?

If you're hungry on Christmas Day, keep on driving past eateries like Chick-fil-A, Chili's, and Olive Garden because they will be fully closed for the holiday, per Fox 8. If you don't feel like cooking on Christmas, you don't have to fret too much, however. Denny's will be open and serving up all their fan-favorite menu items, plus some seasonal selections as well.

Denny's physical locations will be open for in-person dining, but if you'd prefer to nosh at home, they are offering delivery meals via Denny's On Demand as well, says Chew Boom. So, maybe go ahead and download that app to have it at the ready in case hunger pangs strike after opening all those presents. The diner-style restaurant joins other chains like Huddle House, IHOP, Waffle House, and Macaroni Grill in the Christmas Day open-for-business game, according to Today, but check your specific location as hours of operation may vary and some locations may even be closed entirely if they're independently-owned and operated.

But, if your heart is set on Denny's, there are some extra special menu items they'll have just for Christmas Day.

Christmas Day offerings available at Denny's include a filling turkey dinner

All the popular menu items will still be available at Denny's on Christmas, like the French Toast Slam, the Double Berry Banana Pancake Breakfast, and the Loaded Nacho Tots. If you want to get more festive, however, you can opt for the chain's Turkey & Dressing Dinner, which features turkey breast, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, two side dishes, and bread, per Chew Boom.

This can be ordered as a meal for one person, or in a package to-go to serve as many as four people. The Turkey & Dressing Dinner was a huge hit on Thanksgiving this year, so it's not a shock that Denny's would reprise the offering for Christmas Day as well. If Christmas is anything like Turkey Day was, however, the multi-person Dinner Packs must be ordered at least 24-hours in advance, according to Restaurant News.

And, if you can swing it, maybe tip extra well at any of these spots open on Christmas. The employees are working on a holiday, after all!