This Two-For-One Starbucks Hack Has TikTok Divided

The truth is, you don't have to wait for select Thursdays to get Starbucks' famous two-for-one deals (via There's actually a hack that's currently going viral that will score you and a friend two drinks for the price of one. However, while this hack is nearly failproof, be prepared to have a lot of ice in your drink.

User @starlight_1995 posted this hack to her TikTok page, showing her ordering a tall-sized Starbucks Kiwi Starfruit Refresher with no ice, along with an second cup of just ice. She then emptied half of the Refresher drink into the cup with the ice, creating "two" separate drinks for the "price of one."

Call it what you will, but her labeling technically isn't wrong. Since being posted in mid-November, the video has since gone viral, and The Daily Dot reports that, as of December 4, it has received more than 478,000 views. This has since increased to more than 817,000 views as of December 22.

The hack is pretty controversial with many debating it on TikTok

Even if it may sound genius, this "hack" has stirred up quite a storm in the comment section on TikTok. Some people thought the title of the video was a bit misleading. One person said, "Enjoy your two sips of drink?" while another commented, "Doesn't seem like a free drink to me."

A lot of viewers also pointed out that the second drink was going to be watered-down, because of the amount of ice in it. One comment, which received 134 likes in agreement, said, "Good job you've accomplished two watered-down drinks."

Surprisingly, a lot of Starbucks baristas said they were indifferent about the hack, and some even encouraged customers to use this trick if it's going to save them money. One said, "I used to literally recommend this to people when I was a barista. What do I care if a multi-billion dollar company makes 26 cents less in profit?" So, if you ever want to save a little money, or are just curious to try this hack for yourself, give this trick a try the next time you and a friend are craving a Starbucks drink.