Aldi Shoppers Have Their Eyes Peeled For This Peppermint Bark Ice Cream

There's never a bad time to eat ice cream, even when it's cold outside. In fact, Spoon University argues that winter is actually the best time of the year to enjoy a cone because there won't be any lines at your favorite ice cream shop, nor will you have to worry about the frozen dairy treat rapidly melting into oblivion once it gets into your hands.

Another great thing about treating yourself to a scoop of ice cream in the winter? All of those yummy seasonal flavors that are only available during the colder months of the year. Aldi is one place you can go to find some festive ice cream treats — like Belmont Peppermint Bark ice cream, which is finally popping up in some store locations after going into hibernation earlier this year. This week, Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds spotted the limited-edition dessert at their local Aldi store, prompting them to alert their followers of its return.

"Hallelujah I found it!" the Instagrammer exclaimed in a post on December 22. "This ice cream is one of my favorite items at Aldi, and I have been waiting and watching for weeks as people have been finding it at Aldi this season." Their find has excited a number of other peppermint ice cream-loving Aldi shoppers, who are now keeping their eyes peeled in hopes of finding the treat for themselves.

Aldi's peppermint bark ice cream is 'slowly rolling out' to stores

According to Aldi Reviewer, Aldi's Belmont Peppermint Bark ice cream is made up of peppermint-flavored ice cream that has "white chocolate peppermint bark flakes" mixed in. It has been showing up seasonally at the grocery store since at least 2019 and has found many fans in the time since — many of whom are anxiously awaiting the return of the treat to their own Aldi store. "Love it, but have not seen it yet at my store. I keep looking," one follower said in response to @aldifavoritefinds' original post about the seasonal dessert.

Another user seemed skeptical that the limited-edition ice cream would ever arrive. "I'm hoping we get it in. Our store never got the pumpkin pizzas in, so I haven't been holding my breath," they said.

It's possible that the delay in the arrival of Belmont Peppermint Bark ice cream at Aldi stores nationwide is due to supply chain issues, which the chain warned shoppers about earlier this year. However, as exciting as it may be that it is finally showing up, @aldifavoritefinds advised their fellow Aldi fans to avoid making a special trip to the store to get it. "They have been slowly rolling out across the country, but keep your eyes open and maybe you will see it this week too!" the Instagrammer said. With any luck, we will all be enjoying this seasonal ice cream soon!