Reddit Is Cracking Up Over This Starbucks Karen

For Starbucks, it isn't unusual for the store's employees to come across difficult customers who insist on making things unbearable for everyone. For example, according to a Mashed piece, an annoyed "Karen" once decided to create a ruckus after a Starbucks employee refused to hand over a cup, explaining that the store was shut for the day. The "Karen" didn't take this too well and shouted in defiance, "We're never coming back."

In another incident last year, several people lashed out at a "Karen" after they realized that she refused to wear a mask at a Starbucks store in San Diego, California (via CBS News). The person in question made a huge deal and complained on social media, writing that a Starbucks employee "refused to serve me cause I'm not wearing a mask. Next time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption." Things backfired for "Karen" when the public expressed its support for the Starbucks staff member and even started a "virtual tip jar," raising more than $104,000 in donations.

No two "Karen"-related stories are the same, however. Reddit users are currently amused by a thread about an unconventional Karen and are whole-heartedly expressing their approval for the customer.

People have a lot to say about this Starbucks Karen

A Redditor put up a picture of a Starbucks receipt and called the customer's chosen name the "best name ever," saying that it amused a lot of people at the store (full marks for slapstick humor). The receipt basically addressed the customer as a "Karen NOT That Karen A Cool Karen" who placed an order for an "extra hot" Caramel Macchiato. This made sense to a lot of other people who had their own take on the subject. A Reddit user said that they "have a Karen" as well and wrote, "Best Karen, bless her, oatmilk mocha extra ice."

For another commentator, the post was heavily relatable and they wrote, "As a NameOnTheBirthCertificate Karen, I totally understand this," while someone else said that they genuinely feel sorry for those who are named Karen thanks to the number of generalizations attached to the name. A commentator even joked, "At this point people named Karen need to start going by a nickname. Life is short, you can't fight that ever rushing tide."