Gordon Ramsay Says This Is The Absolute Worst Food

Gordon Ramsay is a chef who has a lot to say about anything related to food. As per Pop Sugar, there are a few culinary trends that the chef can't bring himself to accept — like foam, for example. "The latest one I had, I was in Saint Paul, and someone gave me a bone marrow foam. Now when I think about having bone marrow, I don't think about it as a foam," Ramsay said. 

He also wishes more people would handle Wagyu carefully and preserve the meat for a slightly longer period before serving it. There's more: Ramsay doesn't get the point behind using lots of truffle oil in a dish. He thinks that people need to tread cautiously instead of using too much of truffle oil at once.

As for a dish he cannot eat, he had a very specific answer that he once revealed in a Reddit comment.

Gordon Ramsay needs Brussels sprouts to be cooked carefully

In a Reddit AMA, someone asked Gordon Ramsay to talk about a dish that he wouldn't be willing to taste. Ramsay actually really liked this question because he reckons that a chef like him needs to be able to sample every ingredient that he can get his hands on so that he can expand his knowledge and not feel like he doesn't know how to work with a specific ingredient.

He even went ahead and said that he's willing to take risks and has eaten things like deep-fried tarantulas and snakes in his life. It's obvious that he usually doesn't turn anything down. He has an exception to this rule. Ramsay wrote, "The only thing I draw the line at... is eating overcooked food. There is NOTHING worse than an overcooked Brussels sprout. The smell is disgusting."

The chef does have a good point here. As per the Los Angeles Times, this ingredient is really difficult to handle when it's overcooked because it starts smelling like sulfur. Carefully monitoring the veggies and steaming them can help you get around this problem, though.