Reddit Says This Item Alone Is Worth The Price Of A Costco Membership

For some Costco shoppers, paying an annual membership fee of $60 (at minimum, per the website) is absolutely worth it to be able to enter the warehouse-style grocery store's hallowed halls. Though the fee is a sacrifice, many find that they are promptly paid back based on the savings they sock away from Costco's great deals. From affordable food court meals to the store's famed $5 rotisserie chickens, many tempting price points at the store give it a competitive edge.

Of course, not everyone is convinced about Costco-induced savings, which is apparently why one person took to Reddit to ask, "Is Costco worth it for a two person household?" Their query was swiftly met with commentary from hundreds of other users. Most insisted that the membership fee is worthwhile for anyone, and several said that's thanks to one particular product that stands out for its value, both in terms of price and quality of life. 

Shoppers save money on allergy medicine at Costco

Per Reddit, Costco is one of the cheapest places to stock up on allergy medication. "We save $150/year on Claritin alone," u/ReddSaidFredd said, which prompted replies from other shoppers who buy Zyrtec and Flonase from the chain on the cheap. "The price of Claritin for a year supply at Costco vs anywhere else is absolutely mind boggling," chimed in u/MindScape00. "I had to triple take the price when I saw it the first time."

Anyone who lives with severe seasonal allergies knows that medicine is a non-negotiable, but it can really add up when purchased regularly. Naturally, those who have to buy multiple meds for different symptoms sincerely appreciate a discount. Says Reddit user and Costco member DNA_ligase, "I am allergic to my cat and I basically made up the price of a basic membership in Flonase and allergy medicine already." A paltry membership fee is a small price to pay for Fluffy's love, yes?