24% Agree This Is Outback Steakhouse's Worst Appetizer

Looking at the name and the over-the-top Australian motif, you may think Outback Steakhouse is an Australian creation. But in reality, the restaurant is as American as it gets. The chain is the brainchild of restaurateurs Robert Basham, Timothy Gannon, and Chris Sullivan, who picked out an Aussie theme for their brand-new restaurant because they wanted the space to have the relaxed, fun vibe they imagined Australians would exude. And we say "imagined" here, because none of the chain's founders had even set foot in the Land Down Under before they started thinking about their new eatery, according to Culinary Lore.

All that being said, the restaurant chain was a huge success in the U.S. — in spite of its lack of authenticity, or possibly because of it. We imagine people who love Outback Steakhouse don't go there because they're looking for authentic Australian cuisine. Instead, they may be going after what co-founder Sullivan described as "American food and Australian fun" (via Delish). So, which of the Outback apps (which are marketed as "Aussie-Tizers") gets the least amount of love from fans?

The Outback Steakhouse apps readers enjoyed least

To find out which of Outback Steakhouse's apps Mashed readers enjoyed the least, we surveyed 609 people living in the U.S. Coming at the top of the least favorite chart is the Seared Pepper Ahi, with a smidge under 24% of the votes. The dish features a tuna steak seared so it is rare in the inside, with a nice crust on the outside. The dish is served with a dipping sauce that marries "sweet, spicy, and tangy," according to The Food XP.

Following that at number two on the least-favorite list with nearly 21% of the vote is the Sydney Shrooms: crispy battered and fried mushrooms served with ranch dressing. Tied for third place are the Steakhouse Mac and Cheese Bites and the Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp at 13.46% apiece; in fourth place is the restaurant's signature Bloomin' Onion, with nearly 11.5% of respondents calling it their least-favorite dish. Bringing up the rear is the Three Cheese Steak Dip, which just over 10% of you said you didn't like, while the Aussie cheese fries with nearly 7% rounded out the list by being the least unpopular — aka most-liked — food on the list.

Outback fans love the Bloomin' Onion

While 11.49% of respondents in Mashed's poll listed the Bloomin' Onion as their least-favorite Outback appetizer, plenty more people say it's one of the best dishes at the steakhouse. In the same Mashed poll, 49% of respondents listed the Bloomin' Onion as their favorite Outback Steakhouse appetizer. There's just something about those crispy onion pieces and chipotle dip that makes this a must-order appetizer for plenty of fans every time they visit the restaurant.

To get that Bloomin' Onion flavor fans know and love, Outback starts with larger-than-normal onions known as "super colossal" onions (yes, really), per The Daily Meal. And the Bloomin' Onion's breading features a whopping 17 spices, according to a 2009 tweet from Outback Steakhouse. (Colonel Sanders and KFC's 11 herbs and spices are shaking.)

If you're feeling particularly endeavoring, you can even make a copycat Bloomin' Onion at home, complete with the Bloomin' Onion sauce. The trickiest part is cutting the onion properly — it probably won't come as a surprise that Outback uses a dedicated machine to cut its onions for the signature appetizer — but with a bit of practice and fancy knife work, it can be done.

There's one Outback side dish fans don't love, either

The Seared Pepper Ahi isn't the only Outback Steakhouse dish that many customers avoid. In a separate Mashed survey of 642 respondents, 38.63% listed the creamed spinach as their least favorite Outback side dish. Following the creamed spinach was the seasoned rice, which 29.13% of respondents said they'd avoid at the chain. However, both of these items might not be available at your local Outback, as they aren't included on the chain's online menu. But if you see them on the list, you may want to steer clear, based on these responses.

So, what side dishes do diners love at Outback Steakhouse? You can't go wrong with the homestyle mashed potatoes, the signature Aussie Fries, or a good ol' baked potato. And if you've been dreaming about that Bloomin' Onion but don't have enough people to order the appetizer, you're in luck, too. You can get Bloom Petals as a side dish to make all of your fried-onion dreams come true.