Reddit Is Standing By These Parents' Divisive Takeout Practice

A couple was recently shamed by others in their friend group because they ordered extra sushi to take home to their children, which others in their party deemed "trashy." Wait, what? Backing up a bit, a user named @tatatertotter posted on Reddit to find out if they were at fault in the situation or not. In their post, the user explained that the couple has gone out to dinner every two weeks with the same friends for five years, and their practice has typically been to ask their children if they want anything from the menu to be brought home afterward.

The drama began when a new couple joined the party. Everything was going swimmingly until the conclusion of the meal, when @tatatertotter's husband ordered takeout sushi rolls for the kids and, of course, asked for them to be put on his check. "The wife of the new couple got a little huffy and told us that it was rude of us to order more food when everyone was getting ready to leave, and basically said it was trashy of us to get doggie bags for our kids when none of the other couples had," @tatatertotter reports. As for the Redditverse's opinion, users are squarely on the side of @tatatertotter and her husband.

All those in favor of takeout, say "aye"

The new couple's misuse of the word "trashy" annoyed many, especially Reddit user @heck_no_friendo, who wrote, "letting your kids order two rolls each (usually not cheap) and caring enough to bring home special food for your kiddos? I bet those kids are nicely adjusted kids who know they're loved." Others felt that the restaurant would be pleased by the extra business, with u/literate_giraffe noting that it's a "great compliment" to order additional food to take home. "I can't see any way that would be trashy or embarrassing," they said.

Even people who tried to identify with the new couple struggled to do so. Said u/Complex-Lemon-371, "The only thing trashy would have been to order for the kids and put it on one bill that was split between everyone." But as was made clear in @tatatertotter's post, this wasn't the case. Another user said that ordering food at the end of the meal could be considered "annoying" because the others might feel obligated to stick around until everything's settled. Still, they added, "If it bothers them just say your nice to meet you's and don't make plans again." In summary, some rather unaccommodating people might see @tatatertotter's actions as annoying. But trashy? That's a whole new level of Karen.