Ginger Beers, Ranked Worst To Best

One sip of spicy ginger beer usually packs a potent punch, unlike other carbonated drinks. It's slightly different than ginger ale (which is common for soothing an upset stomach) — traditional ginger beer is usually concocted by fermenting fresh ginger, water, sugar, and yeast, sort of emulating the same hard cider fermentation process, according to The Temper.

When this bubbly beverage was first introduced back in the 1700s, it most definitely contained alcohol (usually around 11 percent, per The Kitchn), but fast-forward to the modern day, and several commercialized ginger beers contain less than half a percent of alcohol or zero alcohol due to lack of fermentation. Boozy or not, ginger beer is an ultra-fizzy, spicy beverage that makes an invigorating solo drink (especially during the holiday season) or delightful mixing agent for fancy cocktails. According to The Temper, ginger beer matches exceptionally well with citrus-based spirits containing orange and lemon, but it also blends nicely with warmer spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

Since ginger beer is sort of a hybrid between beer and soda, you might scratch your head and wonder where to find it at your local store. Start in the soda aisle first, and if you're out of luck, check out the natural foods section or cocktail mix aisle. Now, if you find yourself frantically torn between which ginger beer to take home, no need to sweat. Here's a comprehensive list of the most popular ginger beers, ranked worst to best.

15. Zevia Mixer Ginger Beer

You might associate Zevia products with zero sugar and calories. Alongside a litany of branded sodas, teas, and sparkling waters, Zevia also produces a ginger beer mixer. Marketed as slightly citrusy yet bold (like the traditional ginger flavor you crave), this one is not a standalone drink. The best way to drink Zevia Ginger Beer is in a traditional Moscow Mule or Dark 'n' Stormy. Aside from zero sugar and calories, Zevia's Ginger Beer is vegan, naturally sweetened, and only contains plant-based products. Some customers mention mixing Zevia with tequila, whiskey, or vodka over ice. Although the site reviews are generally positive (to be expected), Amazon buyers elucidate polar opposite remarks.

"Dislike! It seemed tasty at first sip but then after the swallow the flavor of aspartame filled my mouth along with the evaporating sensation of pure alcohol. Yes it has a fairly good ginger flavor but I can't choke down the aspartame," said Amazon buyer turtlycool. Sadly, many other consumers mentioned a fake sugar aftertaste, emanating chemical-like flavors. We're afraid this ginger beer is a hard pass.

14. Royalty Ginger Beer

According to the Royalty Ginger Beer label, this UK-based ginger beer was decorated with "The Queen's Awards For Enterprise: International Trade" from 2011 to 2013. Essentially, this means that Royalty generated outstanding economic growth overseas, which lends to its popularity within the ginger beer sector. Royalty Ginger Beer is an age-old, non-alcoholic recipe and exudes an intense ginger flavor that complements any Moscow Mule, acting as a traditional mixing agent. Although the accolades seem promising, Royalty might not be as thirst-quenching as it seems, yielding a mixed bag of reviews. Many online buyers complain that it lacks enough of the strong ginger flavor you'd expect, and it's slightly over-sweetened.

According to Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks, Royalty is an enjoyable ginger beverage, despite its syrupy consistency. "Smells very peppery. But the taste is more mellow and sweet. A little syrupy even. It's smooth and gooey on my tongue. But meanwhile it's scraping the back of my throat!"

13. Old Jamaica Ginger Beer

The minute you reach Old Jamaica's site, the overall branding screams, "Let's relax in paradise under the Sweet Caribbean sunshine." This line is supposedly UK's number one best-selling ginger beer brand and boasts a slightly dynamic range of options, from Regular, Light, and Extra Fiery. Each Old Jamaican Ginger Beer is blended with fiery Jamaican root ginger and Jamaican Ginger Beer — solid on its own or as a mixer. The Regular flavor is the most basic, marketed as refreshing and crisp, exuding notes of fresh lime.

However, according to Amazon reviewers, it's sweetened with sucralose, a sort of artificial sweetener, that doesn't make it as natural as other options. "My wife bought this and another ginger beer for my birthday as I am a big Dark 'n' Stormy fan. This ginger beer is ok, but I felt it had an artificial sweetener taste which I am not fond of," said Amazon reviewer California Ranch Life.

12. Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Mango

When it comes to specialty vegan ginger beer that's crafted to suit all taste buds, Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer does its job and more with a vast array of flavors. These non-alcoholic ginger beer blends are concocted with pure cane sugar, all-natural ingredients, and unfiltered ginger pieces that you can visibly point out. From Brooklyn Crafted Classic flavor to Extra Spicy and Lemon Lime, there's no holding back when it comes to flavor.

The Mango Ginger Beer seems to be a fan favorite, yielding a fruity twist with subtle spice, perfect for a flavored Mule or mocktail mimosa. Even though flavored beverages might initially seem gimmicky, we beg to differ. The mango flavor is surprisingly strong and then a piercing ginger zing follows — making it a refreshing twist on the classic ginger beer. Although it's a bold beverage, a bit more spice would be preferable, and the fruity notes definitely don't appeal to everyone. However, if you're in the mood for something slightly unconventional, Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Mango is worth a shot.

11. Powell & Mahoney Ginger Beer

Creating natural cocktails mixers is what Powell & Mahoney does best, and this most definitely encompasses ginger beer. You can buy a whole case of it online, making it a household party staple. Powell & Mahoney suggest mixing their ginger beer with bourbon, rum, vodka, or whiskey, making it a slightly more dynamic blend, unlike other ginger beers available on the market. Most customers enthusiastically exclaim that this is a top-tier ginger beer with a nice ginger-forward bite, validating its Gold Award at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. Along with its natural ginger notes, this one is notably spicy.

"Great taste— it has this nice ginger kick. No alcohol and good ingredients (no high[-fructose] corn syrup). Definitely will order again," said Amazon buyer AnetA.

If you're feeling a bit more daring, you can also Powell & Mahoney's Blood Orange Ginger Beer with a citrus edge — an optimal addition to any Sunday brunch spread.

10. Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer

For all of your Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail fans who want a quick, accessible way to drink them, Gosling's has you covered with their Stormy Ginger Beer — the only one of its kind. This non-alcoholic beverage is a delicate balance between sweet and spicy. It's got an intense heat to it, but it's not burning hot, which means that anyone can enjoy it. According to Goslings' site, this rendition echoes notes of "lime peel, crystallized ginger, meringue, and turmeric" — an enticing description that lures in any daring ginger beer drinker.

According to DrinkHacker's review, this non-alcoholic ginger beer is quite experimental while still giving a nod to traditional ginger beer: "The tagline 'a refreshing zip of ginger' is wholly appropriate: This is a classic ginger beer, nicely sweet on first sip then bracing with a hefty dose of fresh ginger flavor. The bite is moderate to strong but fades quickly. It really is just right: Several steps above a regular ginger ale, but not overpowering like too many ginger beer brands which are busy trying to impress you with how much ginger root they can cram into the bottle."

9. Barritt's Original Ginger Beer

A mixer that lifts your spirits, Barritt's Original Ginger Beer is a non-alcoholic soft drink that's a product of a Caribbean recipe dated back to 1874. Coming to customers in bright, retro packaging, this is a mixer that suits any type of liquor: whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, or rum — the possibilities are endless. Barritt's contains a proprietary blend of real ginger and spices that embody the true essence of Bermuda. With tons of five-star reviews, customers are saying this ginger beer is a tropical delight. "Barritt's ginger beer is by far the best. Great for cocktails or on its own. I first had it in the Bahamas and fell in love," said Amazon reviewer Harms.

Fans on Facebook also underscore that this is a top-of-the-line product — a true Dark 'n' Stormy and Moscow Mule essential. It may not be our favorite of the bunch, but it's a solid option for a mixer.

8. Maine Root Ginger Brew

You've probably seen Maine Root Ginger Brew grace the shelves of several grocery stores, and for good reason too. Known for its spicy, gingery kick, Main Root also cranks up the bubbles in their household non-alcoholic ginger beer. You'll also notice that the ingredient list is very pure, only consisting of carbonated pure water, organic cane sugar, real ginger, and an array of special spices.

Soda Fry describes this ginger brew's appearance as cloudy due to the freshly pressed ginger. It also exudes earthy notes with a medium level of sweetness that doesn't overpower the ginger. Overall, it generated eight out of 10 stars from this passionate craft soda reviewer. Amazon buyers also exclaim that they appreciate the heavy carbonation and how it's not full of citric acid like other ginger beers on the market.

"This is a sweet and spicy carbonated beverage & tastes amazing. I am able to find it at Whole Foods and my local steak house. I highly recommend giving it a try if you love ginger," said Amazon reviewer mamabeethoven.

7. Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Beer

For many Trader Joe's devotees, the cheerful red and bright green glass bottle that contains Triple Ginger rings in the holidays. This exclusive seasonal ginger beer always graces the shelves around the most wonderful time of the year, and customers can't get enough of it. According to Drinking Ginger, this ginger brew is uber strong, containing three times the amount of ginger compared to other alternatives. It's also citrus-forward with sweet notes of pineapple, lemon juice, and lime, instantly transporting you to the tropics. Even though these flavors are particularly potent, you'll still detect a good amount of spice from the generous amount of ginger.

As far as the body, it's enticingly murky and delicately carbonated, making it a qualified ginger beer to drink on its own, or you can attempt to concoct Trader Joe's Gingerosa, an original recipe. All you need is the triple ginger beer, no pulp orange juice, organic sugar, one navel orange, and fresh cranberries to make this revitalizing mocktail. Overall, Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Beer is a solid and well-balanced option that most ginger beer lovers adore.

6. Trader Joe's Brewed Ginger Beer

The alluring nautical, stormy packing on Trader Joe's Brewed Ginger Beer is symbolic of the innate characteristic of this ginger brew — it's slightly bubbly, bold, fierce and acutely intense. There are some qualities that directly mirror Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Beer, but overall, this one is a bit more tart and nuanced in flavor. According to Eating At Joes, along with the citrus notes from the lime and lemon juice concentrates, the added flavorings and various extracts make it quite venturesome, yet not ridiculously bitter or sweet.

You'll also see micro bits of ginger floating at the bottom, classifying it as an unfiltered option. So before drinking, we recommend giving it a gentle swirl so you can consume the maximum amount of flavor. In general, this particular blend of ingredients makes for a dynamic ginger beer and an exceptional cocktail mixer, especially for a full-flavored Dark & Stormy or Moscow Mule.

5. Q Mixers Ginger Beer

Sometimes, it can be difficult to discern if any given ginger beer is a mixer or not. Well, Q Mixers boldly states that it is a mixer — and they do it well. Unlike other ginger beers, Q Mixers only uses high-quality organic agave, not bleached sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. You'll also pick up on a distinct ginger punch and detect champagne-like bubbles (an added bonus). To inject that added layer of spice, you might uncover hints of faint chili pepper too, adding to its bold aura, making for a deliciously strong Moscow Mule. It's actually so delicious that customers admit it's good just on its own or as a nausea remedy, even though it's a declared cocktail mixer.

"I come at this product from a different angle than the marketing suggests. This ginger ale is part of my routine for dealing with nausea and migraines (both of which are regular occurrences for me). Something about the combination of real ginger, spices, and citrus oils seems to help my migraine medication work faster and relieve nausea while I wait," said a verified Amazon buyer.

4. Fentimans Ginger Beer

This vegan-friendly ginger beer brings botanicals to the bottle and exudes a natural, ginger taste that is quite prolific. Fentimans Ginger Beer keeps to the traditional bones of spicy ginger beer, but it simultaneously embodies a complex taste without the use of artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. We love the fermented Chinese ginger root that creates that pungent gingery fire. Each batch is skillfully fermented for a full seven days so the palette can fully grasp all of the rich botanical flavors. With so many five-star reviews on Amazon, Fentimans stands in a league of its own.

"I've ordered this ginger beer a few times now, I really like the extra zing at the back of the throat as all good ginger beers should give you, rather than the sometimes sickly sweet versions you get with other brands. It's not the cheapest ginger beer you can buy, but quality products always cost more," said Amazon reviewer Pete's Princess. So if you're looking for a high-quality product that never disappoints, this is it.

3. Reed's Extra Ginger Beer

Reed's takes extensive pride in brewing the highest quality Jamaican ginger beer using prime ingredients such as fresh ginger root, sparkling water, pineapple juice, lemon juice, lime juice, honey, cane sugar, and spices. They've perfected the process, so with each sip, you pick up that strong, invigorating ginger zip. None of Reed's ginger beverages contain gluten, GMOs, preservatives, or caffeine. Although they offer a respectable number of flavor variations, the "Extra" is a fan favorite and contains two times the fresh ginger root than the Original. If you're on the hunt for something that's zero sugar, Reed's recently launched an all-natural, zero-calorie, zero-sugar drink so you can sip on ginger beer without the headache!

Many Amazon reviewers mention that this is as close as you can get to home brewing ginger beer, and the added layer of spice makes it a winning drink. "This is the best ginger beer on the market! I am partial to the extra spicy brand but all their brews are excellent. The flavor is perfectly balanced, not too sweet," mentioned an Amazon buyer.

2. Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer

You've probably seen the classic Bundaberg bottle in various grocery stores, and to no surprise, the juice inside is the real deal. Bundaberg uses a proprietary family recipe with Australian roots, using authentic Australian-grown ginger grown in sub-tropical soils of Queensland, which is the major differentiator amongst other ginger beer brands. You can actually see small bits of ginger in the cloudy formula. Along with premium ingredients, Bundaberg also maximizes the brewing time to yield maximum flavor. The popular diet option only contains 25 calories per bottle, which makes it a superior alternative to regular ginger beer. With plenty of five-star reviews on Amazon, this one is a favorite amongst ginger beer aficionados.

"I am a ginger beer addict. I have tried many (all??) of the brands available and Bundaberg is by far the best and has the healthiest ingredients. (no nasty high fructose corn syrup) They may be a bit more expensive, but worth every penny," said Amazon buyer Mydogsmom.

1. Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

When it comes to award-winning ginger beer, Fever-Tree is the best of the best. You can drink it alone or utilize it as a cocktail mixer. Regardless, Fever-Tree brews a special blend of three gingers from Nigeria, Cochin, and the Ivory Coast, lending to its clean, refreshing taste, yet preserving that spicy aroma.

According to Spirit Review, Fever-Tree yields a noticeably nice fizz, and the carbonation isn't overbearing. The taste is vibrant and clean — generating a nice tingle and warmth from the three variations of fresh ginger. Overall, it's described as high-quality and quite pleasant to drink.

This product is super-popular on Amazon. "This is BY FAR the best ginger beer I have ever tasted. The vast majority of the ginger beers on the market are very sweet, with only a subtle ginger flavor, whereas Fever-Tree has the perfect combination of sweetness and ginger punch—not too spicy, but enough to wake you up a little bit. It's incredibly tasty and refreshing on its own, but also makes for a wonderful mixer in cocktails," said Amazon buyer Sasha.