Over 10,000 People Are On The Waitlist For These Donuts

As it turns out, donuts can warrant a serious price tag. According to CNBC, the most expensive donut money can buy comes coated in 24-karat gold, uses an icing made from Cristal Champagne, and makes hearty use of ube, a purple yam indigenous to the Philippines. A dozen of these ornate creations, which have attracted a ton of fans, will set you back $1,200. Now, another donut has emerged that uses one of these decadent ingredients and has accumulated a waitlist that numbers over 10,000.

Eater reports that Kora's Filipino Donuts has attracted a massive crowd that can't get enough of its two signature creations. The New York-based bakery's ube donut has attracted its fair share of love thanks to its striking purple color. The particular pastry relies on an ube-infused brioche dough that gets fried and filled with a cream made from milk, cornstarch, ube extract, and frozen imported ube. The whole thing then gets coated in fried purple yam chips, making for a one-of-a-kind pastry that has inspired a ton of love. While this signature donut shares a particular ingredient with the world's most expensive donut, it's not the only confection from Kora's Filipino Donuts that has customers lining up in droves.

New twists on classic donuts

The bakery has also perfected a leche flan donut recipe, Eater reports. Like the ube option, brioche dough also forms the base of this particular donut. After a hole gets cut in the center, bakers add in a flan cream and a whole piece of flan to the center. Then, it's coated in caramel and powdered sugar, making for a crowd-pleasing final product.

The bakery has made some serious waves in the past year. In 2020, Eater pointed out that the bakery started as an online-only venture that quickly attracted an 800-person waitlist back in September. The venture, which began as a side hustle after the owner lost her job as a caterer due to pandemic-related layoffs, is now taking the New York pastry scene by storm. 

The owner originally wanted to include some savory options on the menu, but as of now, Kora's currently offers Castana, Keso, Ube, Churron, and Leche Flan ni Lola pastries — all sweet options, according to their website. Given the company's recent surge in popularity, expect this bakery to just keep growing in size and dishing out pastries that can compete with the best bakeries around.