Cîroc Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

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When producer-turned-rapper-turned-reality TV personality Diddy decided to work with a once-struggling vodka label, the world took note. The brand Cîroc launched in the United States in 2003 and saw mediocre sales numbers until 2007, which is when Diddy came aboard, per the Financial Times. Since then, the brand has enjoyed a reputation as an elevated, party-ready vodka available in many varieties. But it was also wildly successful because it was different from its counterparts in yet another way. Cîroc has led the way for grape-based vodkas, but back when it was a fledgling brand, it was competing with the likes of Belvédère and Grey Goose, two of the more well-known and more traditional vodka brands in the world. It wasn't exactly an easy battle; Cîroc had to fight for legislation that allowed their spirit to be officially recognized as a vodka since it wasn't made from potatoes or grains. 

Cîroc has had some other legal issues as well, including not being transparent when advertising on social media, per Truth in Advertising, but consumers still flock to this beloved vodka brand. By 2017, Cîroc was sitting contently in its place as the number two French vodka brand in the United States, according to Mixology, with an ever-changing assortment of seasonal vodka flavors and some that are here to stay. 

Grab a glass, some ice, and the garnish of your choice, and keep reading to see Cîroc's flavors ranked from worst to best. 

Pineapple Cîroc

Every single flavor in the Cîroc range works well in cocktails, including the pineapple, which just happens to be our least favorite flavor. It's not last on our list because it doesn't taste delicious. On the contrary, this would make a fun addition to any tropical cocktail. 

But Pineapple Cîroc is perhaps the least successful of the brand's flavored vodkas because it tastes like artificial pineapple and vanilla flavoring were simply added to vodka. One Distiller reviewer described the pineapple flavor as "weird," while another found it "one dimensional." There's a subtlety missing here, and it would have carried this flavor very far because the sweet and tangy notes of pineapple complement so many flavor profiles. But instead of getting pleasing notes of pineapple, drinkers are hit over the head with a pineapple-flavored mallet. Luckily, it's not all bad news here. Yes, there are far better options in Cîroc's lineup of flavors, but you won't be completely underwhelmed if you try Pineapple Cîroc — perhaps just a little disappointed.

French Vanilla Cîroc

Cîroc has created a line of wildly successful grape vodkas, which was no easy feat. There were some hits, and there were some misses — like this French Vanilla Cîroc. It's not a complete loss. But instead of being a luscious vodka that's reminiscent of a creamy vanilla dessert, it's just one note — sweet with flat vanilla flavors like a store-bought vanilla icing.

French Vanilla is far from Cîroc's most popular flavor creation. In fact, it has only 3.5 stars out of 5 on Distiller because of its very strong flavor when consumed alone. If this is sad news for you, you'll be glad to know that all hope is not lost! It is infinitely more enjoyable when you mix it into a vodka cocktail. Cîroc's St. Tropez punch, for example, calls for passionfruit syrup, lime juice, and champagne, which are all the perfect notes to help temper the sweetness of the vanilla.

Pomegranate Cîroc

The next item on the list is a limited edition flavor that Cîroc may want to reconsider before adding to their permanent assortment. Pomegranate Cîroc is a sickly sweet vodka that simply doesn't need to exist. Natural pomegranate is such a pleasure to eat. It's sweet with some acidic tanginess and an overall refreshing note that makes it enjoyable. And it seems that Cîroc didn't take any cues from nature when blending this flavor of their vodka.

One LCBO reviewer found the Pomegranate Cîroc to be a little oversweet. And another even described it as medicinal. If you're craving pomegranate-flavored Cîroc, you could always take matters into your own hands and just add a splash of natural pomegranate juice to some original Cîroc instead.

But if you find yourself with a bottle of Pomegranate Cîroc and really want to make it palatable, you can cut it with some seltzer or try one of Cîroc's Pom Jewel cocktails, which calls for Grenadine and sparkling wine. However, unless you're a die-hard fanatic of pomegranate flavoring that doesn't taste quite like the real deal, you'd be better off opting for one of Cîroc's other offerings.

Summer Citrus Cîroc

Normally, we'd be afraid of a generically labeled flavor like "summer citrus," so we weren't sure what to make of this Summer Citrus Cîroc. After all, citrus can go many ways. Is it lemon? Is it grapefruit? It could be just orange, which is a little boring, but then why not just fess up and call it "orange" flavored? Perhaps Cîroc was going for a bit of mystery, and if so, they succeeded.

Despite all initial skepticism, the Summer Citrus Cîroc is actually quite delicious. It is in fact a blend of citrus notes that Cîroc specifies only as blood orange "with hints of lime zest." It's towards the bottom of our list because unlike some of the other varieties, this one tastes like the citrus flavor is slightly artificial. VinePair describes it as having more of "a 'natural flavoring' profile than real fruit." But it would make a great component of a refreshing mixed drink that we'd be thrilled to sip on during the hot summer months. 

Mango Cîroc

Cîroc released their mango-infused vodka back in 2016, per Bevnet, and it has been a staple product since then. It's pure mango through and through, which is a great thing if you're a mango fan. And even if mangoes aren't your thing, you may still love this vodka, as one pleasantly surprised Influenster reviewer discovered. 

The first thing one may notice about Cîroc Mango's flavor is that it's sweet. Not overly sweet, not sickeningly sweet, but it's definitely noticeable. A Drinkhacker reviewer picked up more peach notes here, but hopefully, you'll get the whole range of tropical fruits — mangoes, peaches, and maybe even a little pineapple. Mango is one of those flavors that instantly brings you somewhere warm, even if you're sitting in the midst of a snowstorm, so it's a great bottle to keep on hand for quick tropical cocktails. Interestingly enough, this is the only flavor of vodka for which Cîroc lists no cocktail recipes on its website (as of this writing, at least), so you'll just have to get crafty and create your own.

Apple Cîroc

Green apple is one of those flavors that works with so many types of products, most notably Jolly Ranchers. But when you make a green apple-flavored vodka like Cîroc did, you're declaring that your rendition of green apple is serious enough to be placed in a decent bottle of booze. It's a fun flavor. A bright green bottle and sweet and sour notes mean the Apple Cîroc is ready to party, so it's fitting that DJ Khaled has been the face of this particular variety. 

It's not a shy flavor, and it's not for those who want something more subtle. So if you're ready to commit to a full-on green apple-flavored cocktail, like, say, an appletini, then you don't need to look any further. If you are feeling even wilder, try this as part of an apple mimosa as Cîroc suggests on its website. A few Amazon reviewers even gave this as a holiday gift, much to the surprise of some very happy recipients.

Red Berry Cîroc

"Red berry" is another one of those broadly named flavors that makes us scratch our heads. Red berry can be many things. Does it refer to strawberry, raspberry, or something a bit more sour, like cranberry? Cîroc describes its Red Berry vodka as having a "bouquet of berries" and a sweet finish, so you're left to come to your own conclusion. They do flavor this with both strawberries and raspberries, though, so you have an idea of what to expect. 

This is one of those Cîroc flavors that's delicious on its own or works well in a cocktail, with one ChickAdvisor reviewer opining that it can be used to make a "terrific" raspberry mojito. So it is good. Not great, but definitely good. Not enough to be memorable, but enough to keep it away from the bottom of this list. Some might find that its sweetness makes it one note, and if there were perhaps some notes of cranberries, as we mentioned earlier, this might have ranked higher.

Original Cîroc

We have been singing the praises of Cîroc's many flavors of vodka, but here's where it gets interesting. The label's original, unflavored version shows the true ups and downs of the boozy base of all its different varieties. There are no flavors and notes to hide the profile of the vodka. 

We love the concept of a grape-based vodka, and one Influenster reviewer claimed that they get fewer hangovers when drinking Cîroc. There don't appear to be any scientific studies proving such a connection, but we do appreciate the fact that there is a plain vodka for those who either need to or prefer to follow a gluten-free lifestyle. This one can be consumed in all of the same ways as a potato or grain-based vodka — martinis, Bloody Marys, cosmopolitans, etc. 

Cîroc's original vodka is definitely a tasty, grape-based vodka, but because of the slightly "bitter finish" observed by a Drinkhacker reviewer, there are better options for drinking vodka straight. However, compared to the rest of the range of Cîroc's vodkas, this original version lands firmly in the top half of the list.

Coconut Cîroc

We may be starting to sound like a broken record when we say Coconut Cîroc is smooth. But it really is, and one Amazon reviewer even called it "the smoothest vodka I have ever tried." In fact, all of Cîroc's flavors go down incredibly easy. But what we especially love about the coconut-flavored version is that it's the perfect addition to some classic cocktails. Cîroc Coconut adds a tropical twist to a regular orange juice and vodka screwdriver, and mixing up a coconut martini at home will transport you to a tropical resort.

Some alcoholic interpretations of coconut come off as the cartoon version of the real thing — exaggerated and overdone. But while this one isn't a bad take on coconut, it's also not masquerading as "the real thing." That being said, Coconut Cîroc is an enjoyable take on coconut-flavored vodka. Fruit really makes this vodka pop, so try it with some pineapple or grapefruit juice for a quick and delicious after-work refreshment.

Peach Cîroc

ChickAdvisor reviewers were in agreement on this Peach Cîroc — it doesn't have a strong vodka taste. In fact, one fan raved that "it tastes just like peach juice." There are many times when you want a vodka that tastes like vodka, particularly if you're into vodka martinis or some other straightforward cocktail. But in those times that you need a peach spirit that doesn't taste like vodka and instead has a lot of pure peach notes, this is for you. We're imagining this Peach Cîroc as the extra razzle-dazzle in a brunch Bellini, which would be the perfect way to highlight all of the juicy fruit notes in here. 

This Peach Cîroc is not number three on our list because it's the best vodka on the market, but for being excellent for what we see it as: a versatile mixer that's perfectly refreshing and balanced. It's also one of the most interesting and layered vodkas in the Cîroc lineup.

White Grape Cîroc

We did not expect White Grape Cîroc to secure the number two spot on this list because something about "white grape" suggests an artificial and syrupy profile. But that's exactly what this flavor of Cîroc vodka is notCîroc describes the taste of this vodka as "ripe and fruity white grape" with "crisp citrus notes," while one reviewer describes the aroma as "fresh smashed white grape and apple" on the Best Tasting Spirits website.

This all sounds delicious enough, but when you add a lovely intensity that isn't too strong, as well as a middle-of-the-road sweetness, then you may start to realize that Cîroc has made something truly magical. 

As with the many other Cîroc flavors, you can enjoy this as a cocktail, but because the white grape flavor is an exciting roller-coaster ride for the palate, it'll stand perfectly on its own as a refreshing on-the-rocks option.

Summer Watermelon Cîroc

Nothing says dog days of summer quite like juicy, ripe watermelon. For those who agree with this sentiment and also wish to take their summer staycation relaxation a step further with a bit of booze, Cîroc Summer Watermelon may just be the holy grail. Maybe because it's delicious on the rocks or works just as well as a mixed drink. Or maybe Summer Watermelon Cîroc is so good because it's so "sweet and smooth," as one Influenster reviewer enthused. This is technically a limited edition product, so it's not clear how long it will be available.

It's not too sweet, and it's not too subtle, but it doesn't lean too far in the opposite directions either. So enjoy this Summer Watermelon Cîroc ... and not just in the summertime, but all year round when you want something in your glass that will make you take a deep sigh and imagine that it's the middle of August.