Oreo Teased A New Ice Cream Product And Twitter Is Freaking Out

If you love Oreo cookies, you're not alone: The creme-stuffed, chocolate sandwich cookie originally released by Nabisco in 1912 (via NJ Spotlight News) is consistently the best-selling brand of packaged cookies in the United States, with the original variety racking up about $674 million in sales each year, and the much-lauded Double Stuf bringing in about $251 million in sales annually (via The Spokesman-Review).

In order to satisfy the immense consumer demand, Oreo has released a dizzying array of variations on its classic cookie over the decades, ranging from about 85 variations in flavor, size, and filling amounts (via Medium), not to mention Oreo O's breakfast cereal and ready-to-bake cookie dough studded with Oreo pieces (via Pillsbury). One would think that the Oreo market would be saturated by now; but not so fast. This morning, December 30, the brand's official Twitter page teased a new possible ice cream product — posting a photo of an Oreo-branded ice cream scoop — and fans are already clamoring for whatever form the mystery frozen treat might take.

Is a new Oreo ice cream on the way?

Oreos are one of those classic packaged treats that everyone seemingly loves, whether they're fans of the original creme-stuffed chocolate sandwich cookie, its many flavor variations, or spinoff desserts such as Krispy Kreme's Oreo donut or Pillsbury's Oreo cake mix. People can't seem to get enough of any form the beloved cookie — so it comes as no surprise that, earlier today, a Twitter teaser posted by the brand, which hints at an upcoming ice cream, is generating more than a little interest.

The post features a photo of an Oreo-branded ice cream scoop with the cryptic caption, "Any idea what we're up to?" In a few hours, the Tweet has already been shared dozens of times and liked by more than 700 users. "Whatever it is I'm going to eat tf out of it," one person commented. "I bet it will be delicious!" another concurred.

As plenty of commenters pointed out, lots of ice cream brands already offer Oreo products, such as chocolate and vanilla flavors shot through with cookie chunks as well as a hefty Oreo ice cream sandwich — so the idea of an ice cream doesn't seem all that new. But, perhaps the brand is putting out its own official version? Time will tell, but in the meantime, we want that jazzy scoop.