Richard Blais' Uncle Made Pot Roast And Instagram Is Drooling

There are some dishes that are so classic, it seems like everyone loves them. Even modernist chefs like Richard Blais. Blais is known for his avant-garde approach to cooking, which he debuted on television when he was a contestant on season 4 of Bravo's "Top Chef," first finishing as runner up in the competition before returning to win "Top Chef: All Stars" in 2011. But though the chef has espoused his love of liquid nitrogen and other molecular gastronomy techniques, at the end of the day, what he really likes is good food. That includes dishes like a classic pot roast. He recently posted a video of his uncle's pot roast on Instagram, and it got fans excited.

Pot roast is a dish usually made by braising a chunk of beef in liquid with veggies like carrots, potatoes, and onions. The best types of meat for pot roast are usually round roast, chuck, and brisket, thanks to the fact that they're loaded with connective tissues that break down over a low and slow cooking time, resulting in tender, flavorful meat and a savory broth. Blais posted a video showing his Uncle Scott's pot roast, and though it's a common meal, his relative managed to put a tasty twist on the recipe, hopefully avoiding the mistakes everyone makes with pot roast.

The pot roast was cooked over an open fire

It seems like most people make their pot roast on the stove top, in the oven, in a pressure cooker, or in the slow cooker, but Blais' uncle took a different approach. He cooks his pot roast in a big cast iron pot with a lid, set on a grate above an open flame. Knowing about Blais' penchant for unique cooking techniques, it makes sense that the Blais family would add their own spin to pot roast, though in this case they're going unexpectedly traditional instead of modern with their approach.

Fans were impressed, and several had questions. "Is that the same uncle that was at the finale, when you won?" one asked, which Blais confirmed using the "100" emoji. "How long would that take to cook?" asked another, to which Blais simply replied "a few hours." The compliments were what you might expect. "Good cooking obviously runs all over your family," "old school with an extra dash of love," and "you can see the flavors" were just some of the praise fans heaped on Blais' post. It's enough to make one start craving pot roast for dinner, that's for sure.