The Truth About Phillip Tomasso From Guy's Chance Of A Lifetime

"I'm always working on something," Phillip Tomasso told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. "There's always something new coming out." In this case, it is the possibility of owning a Chicken Guy! franchise. All he has to do is prove himself the most worthy over the course of "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime." Tomasso is no stranger to projects, from childhood schemes of running lemonade stands and selling baseball cards to one time owning a pizza restaurant.

According to the Food Network, these entrepreneurial impulses trace back to Tomasso's childhood. He grew up in poverty, but instead of dropping out of high school entirely, he enrolled in a culinary arts program. Even now, he works two jobs: a 911 dispatcher and a co-owner of the Something Delicious Bake Shop in Rochester, New York. This is to support his wife and fellow co-owner Stephanie (who is the primary baker at Something Delicious), their foster children, and their recently born biological daughter. It seems that owning a Chicken Guy! would really set firmer ground under his feet.

Their bake shop has Food Network history

Unlike other contestants on Food Network shows who have to trawl through social media to find audition opportunities, the Tomassos could pick and choose. This is because in a previous life, the Something Delicious Bake Shop belonged to Mina Hoyt who, as Rochester First reports, has appeared on the competition shows "Bakers vs Fakers" and "Girl Scout Cookie Championship."

So, the Something Delicious Bake Shop was already inundated with calls from the Food Network. Rochester Democrat and Chronicle notes that Stephanie Tomasso wasn't interested in the baking competition opportunities offered, so the couple passed and passed. But, something about "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime" interested Phillip Tomasso.

"So, I applied," Phillip told Weeks and weeks passed without hearing back. Then, Tomasso realized his phone's inbox was full. He had received a call saying that he had been chosen for a further round and a text saying "Phil you need to get back to us right now, we really want you." Now, we'll see if Phillip can go from almost missing out on the chance of a lifetime to claiming it from the other competitors. Stay tuned.