TikTok Is Raining Hearts On These 'Hero' In-N-Out Employees

There's doing your job, and then there's going above and beyond. Such was the case with In-N-Out employees in Katy, Texas who are being praised for trying to prevent tragedy. A video posted to TikTok on December 29 is going viral thanks to the heroic actions of multiple workers at the burger chain who tried to keep a drunk driver from leaving the premises.

Shared by user Joshua Kramer, the post is titled, "Intoxicated At IN n OUT BURGER," and the video shows a man and a woman, who were both obviously inebriated — the man behind the wheel of a pickup truck, while the woman got in and out a couple of times. "These peeps are wasted," Kramer noted in the video as he shows the truck blocking the In-N-Out drive-thru exit.

At one point, the couple in the truck decide it's time to leave and move caution cones out of the way to exit, though the group of employees (who look to be on the phone with police) attempt to keep them from doing so. The employees attempt to keep the dialogue going with the intoxicated individuals in an attempt to stall them until the cops arrive and they're being heralded as 'heroes' by many on the thread.

There's been lots of praise for the brave employees

Apparently, based on the followup comments in the TikTok post, the police did not arrive before the pair made their escape, but the license plate was given to dispatch. Still, people around the world are impressed by the best efforts of the In-N-Out employees who tried to prevent the couple from driving off. "As someone who almost died in a head-on collision from a drunk driver driving directly in the complete opposite lane, thank you," said one person. Another agreed, noting that she lost her best friend at age 16 to a drunk driver, and said, "There is never an excuse."

Some of the commenters on the post offered suggestions other than calling the cops, like taking the keys or popping the tires, but others noted these actions would pose a serious safety threat. "Telling the police isn't 'getting someone in trouble.' They got themselves in trouble, you just called it in to keep people safe," one person said.

Others wondered why the inebriated pair didn't just pull over. "They should just park ... it's not worth it," said one TikToker. The original poster replied, "Exactly ... I was hoping they wouldn't go anywhere."