Popular Grocery Store Vegan Bread Ranked Worst To Best

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Bread is one of the most long-standing food staples known to man, spanning cross-culturally and generationally. In our modern times, it's made meal preparation as easy as it gets, for adults and children alike. It's no wonder then that bread manufacturers are looking for ways to expand their customer reach to those with dietary preferences and restrictions, like vegans. Gone are the days vegans have few options at the market outside of, well, vegetables. 

And now bread is no exception. For that reason, we've found the most popular vegan slices and discovered which loaf reigns supreme. We've taken into account the most important aspects of bread such as texture, taste, and versatility. Can it hold up well stuffed with thick slices of Tofurky, Daiya, and avocado? Can it taste delicious simply toasted with a pad of Myokos European Style vegan butter melted on top? Can we slather it with PB&J for our kiddos without them turning their nose up? These are all important things to know when investing in your next loaf of vegan bread.

24. Yez! Artisan Keto Bread

Yez! Artisan Keto Bread takes on the appearance of a rustic loaf of bread and the ingredients used make it amenable to more than just vegan diets, but keto, paleo, wheat-free, and grain-free as well. They use an almond and coconut flour blend with the addition of psyllium husk to help with binding. Other ingredients include chia seed and pink Himalayan sea salt. With so many health-promoting ingredients, it's hard to understand why this bread ranked low on the list.

While it is one of the healthier loaves, it lost some of its star quality due to its taste and texture. One Amazon reviewer commented that after buying a pack of three, "I threw mine out. I tasted all three, just in case one (or two) had soured', but all three were consistently bad in taste and texture." Other reviewers indicated grievances over the price relative to the quality and stated the bread simply wasn't worth it.

23. Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Bread

Did somebody say protein bread that helps satiate hunger? That's exactly what Eat Me Guilt Free is saying about Protein Bread. This bread may look like any average and ordinary sliced bread on the shelf, but actually, it contains a whole host of health-promoting ingredients such as soy protein, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, and apple fiber. One happy Amazon customer called it a "Must buy for vegans wanting low carb options." And since protein is a common challenge for vegans, it's a particularly helpful addition.

Unfortunately, not all customers were into their low-carb, vegan purchase. Common complaints among this group included price dissatisfaction, bread sliced being too small, and off-putting taste. While this product may definitely pull through for the niche low-carb, vegan crew, it seems to fall short for others who have less restrictive diets and are just looking for a comparable bread to make their favorite sandwiches with.

22. Unbun Plant-based Buns

For vegans looking for the perfect bun to put their veggie burger in, you may consider Unbun as an option. Unbun is a paleo and gluten-free bread made predominantly with almond flour that's shaped like a burger bun. While some of Unbun's products do contain liquid egg whites, the company has launched a plant-based version that's vegan-friendly. 

Some happy reviewers said the buns were fluffy and light and tasted great toasted, but others left negative notes to let the brand know they were very disappointed by the product across the board. One customer wrote on the company site that "even putting avocado on it didn't take away the awful taste," whereas another said neither they nor their spouse "could stomach the texture or the taste." Others described it as being "sponge-like," "grainy," and "crumbly." Clearly, a number of people believe this brand has yet to hit the mark as far texture and flavor is concerned. 

21. Shibolim Flax Bread

Like you might've guessed, Shibolim's Flax Bread packs a hearty helping of flaxseed. Because of the high flaxseed content, this loaf also boasts high protein content, high fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. But is this bread worth the hype? Top reviewers said the bread was tasty, hearty, and filling. But even these top reviewers had negative comments to make about the size.

One negative Amazon reviewer said, "The size of the bread was disappointing. It was not like a regular loaf of bread." Other top reasons this loaf disappointed customers were a sour taste and a soggy texture. It's likely the bread doesn't work well for simply pulling out of the package and eating cold, but needs to be toasted first before eating. This may limit the kinds of meals to make with it. While we love that this product is packed with health-promoting ingredients, we think perhaps flaxseed is better left for topping our smoothie bowls instead of baked into our bread.

20. Casabi Artisan Flatbread

Walk into the bread aisle at Walmart and you may see Casabi Artisan Flatbread on the shelf. In addition to being vegan, it's also paleo and gluten-free with one simple ingredient on their package: fresh yucca pulp. What's more, the brand also states the flatbread is free of gluten, wheat, fat, sugar, cholesterol, lactose, nuts, MSGs, and is Non-GMO. Sounds pretty great so far. And some of the positive reviews are those left by customers who love the crispy texture of the bread for making pizza and dipping in hummus.

While there are a number of satisfied customers, other unhappy buyers took to Amazon to remark on the lackluster flavor, stale texture, and fragility — it simply can't hold up when things like nut butter are spread across the top. Additionally, those who are looking for a more authentic flatbread may be disappointed by how crispy the texture is. Flatbread tends to be soft, doughy, and pliable. This product, on the other hand, is more reminiscent of a giant cracker.

19. Ener-G Light Tapioca Loaf

If you're a gluten-free foodie who also happens to be vegan, you may consider purchasing the Gluten-Free Light Tapioca Loaf by Ener-G. Tapioca isn't the most common bread ingredient around, but many have adopted this loaf as a staple in their homes. Most of the positive commenters state the bread makes for delicious French toast, dry toast, and grilled sandwiches. It even passed the dunking test for grilled "cheeze" and tomato soup. Sounds pretty great, right?

It is unless what you really want is a cold sandwich like the classic PB&J with gooey globs of chunky jam and creamy peanut butter. In this case, the bread seems to just fall apart too easily for this kind of thick filling. In addition to the fragility, the bread slices are small, making it hard to feel like you're eating a regular-sized sandwich. Some Amazon reviewers couldn't get past the texture, which apparently seemed to dissolve in their mouth and taste like cardboard.

18. Love Force Rawganic Vegan Bread

If you're okay with a bread that doesn't look anything like bread, you may opt for Love Force's Sun-Flax Original. Rather than being formed into a loaf, the slices are flat squares with an oatmeal-like texture. Although it's not the most gorgeous version of bread on our list, it appeals to the raw vegan crowd. Happy Amazon customers commented on the taste, heartiness, and how filling it was. They also loved the healthy, raw ingredients which included sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, agave nectar, and Celtic sea salt.

Negative reviewers, on the other hand, lamented that the flattened squares just don't look and feel like bread. The lack of pliability was an issue and wouldn't bend to hold any ingredients. The texture seemed too chewy for some and the taste was considered terrible by others. If looking for more of an authentic version of bread, this product likely won't be for you.

17. BFree Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf

BFree is another gluten-free option for vegan folk. While other loaves of bread have fallen short in the looks department, BFree's Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf is probably close to what you picture when you hear the words "bread loaf." It's free of most of the major allergens and, as the bag promises, has 3 grams of fiber per slice. It appears as if they've taken into consideration the common complaints of other vegan bread slices being too small because they advertise theirs as having longer slices. Additionally, it just looks better than many other vegan loaves of bread. The crust has a deep molasses brown color and is flecked with seeds.

While there seem to be more happy customers than dissatisfied ones, those who wouldn't become repeat customers left negative reviews on things like taste and texture. One Amazon customer said, "I bought this bread at Costco instead of Udi's gluten free bread that the store no longer carries. I am very disappointed with the flavor, very bland with bitter aftertaste."

16. Happy Campers Classy Slice Gluten Free Bread

Happy Campers bread company seems to be making many happy campers out of their customers. This bread isn't just free of animal products, but is also free of the major allergens as well, making it a great option for those with the most restrictive diets. Happy Campers' Classy Slice is a white bread made of ancient grains, sunflower oil, prebiotic fiber, and plant-based protein. Many of the positive Amazon reviews suggest the bread is delicious, tastes wholesome and clean due to the bread being preservative-free, and keeps you feeling light and energized.

The negative reviewers stated the bread was slightly on the expensive side compared to other comparable products on the market. Others didn't care for the taste, particularly the aftertaste which seemed to linger a little too long. Other comments suggest the bread gets mushy quickly in your mouth and breaks down a little faster than normal bread would.

15. Eatsane Nuts and Seeds

Eatsane boasts many positive aspects of their vegan bread in their advertising, including being keto, having plant-based protein, and being free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. For the low-carb vegans, their Nuts & Seeds Recipe may be a dream come true. What's more, some customers rave about the freshness and flavor of the bread. Other positive comments gush over the fiber content and how healthy the bread seems.

While some love it, there are naysayers who are certain they'll never buy another loaf. Complaints include remarks about the size of the slices and the price. While many of these folks admitted the taste was good, they couldn't get past the fact that it cost a small fortune for miniature-sized bread. One Amazon user stated, "Taste is very good but I would not consider the slice full size. If you put it next to any regular sliced store bread it is definitely smaller. I would recommend it because of its taste. It is very pricey @ 10.66 a loaf."

14. Carbonaut Seeded Bread

As if there weren't enough vegan keto loaves of bread on the market, Carbonaut's Seeded Bread is yet another offering for those looking to omit animal products and reduce carb load. The brand is committed to using plant-based ingredients; you'll never see eggs or dairy in their products. This is one of the highest-rated loaves of bread in its category. One delighted consumer commented on Amazon, "Tastes amazing toasted or not toasted. What I am most amazed about this bread beside the taste is the protein value! 7g of protein per slice. No funky ingredients, worth the price."

While there were far fewer unhappy customers, those with negative reviews commented on the taste of the crust and the overall dryness of the bread. However, some got past the whole dryness issue by toasting it before eating. In that case, the dryness seemed to work out okay.

13. Rudi's Organic Bakery Country Morning White

Rudi's Organic Bakery offers a lot of gluten-free loaves, but as anyone who has taken a peek at the ingredients lists knows, those loaves are not vegan. That said, the company does have some vegan options, including the Country Morning White loaf. This particular bread is made of wheat flour, cane sugar, oat fiber, and potato flour, sunflower oil, sea salt, vinegar, yeast, starch, and gluten. Again, if you're a gluten-free vegan, this product wouldn't be for you. But if you don't restrict gluten, read on. 

This bread is highly popular due to its moist texture and versatility. One Amazon reviewer even compared it to traditional white bread stating, "Rudi's Organic Bakery Country Morning may well be the best bread there is for those times when only old-fashioned white bread will do. It stays moist and has a good crumb. It's my go to for everyday plain old toast when I'm not feeling quite up to snuff, for a quick French toast in the am, or for the nostalgia of a PB&J, or sandwich for day-after left-overs," via Amazon. There were a handful of negative remarks regarding bread size being too small but otherwise, this bread was deemed a winner by many.

12. Soozy's Superseed Vegan Bread

You may be able to spot Soozy's Superseed Vegan Bread from a mile away just by packaging alone. This vegan loaf has a cartoon toast character donning the bright orange plastic bread bag. In addition to being plant-based, the bread is also gluten-free and paleo. However it does contain almonds and coconuts, so those with nut allergies should avoid this product. In fact, almond flour and coconut flour make up the base of this bread. 

Fans love the moist quality and texture, sharing on Amazon that it holds up well as sandwich bread. One customer, however, had mixed feelings, stating, "Honestly so moist and delicious, I ate it with vegan Mayo and avocado. It was such an amazing experience, I really was not expecting it. My only complaint is that the slices are small, wish they made large pan slices." Seems like most of the vegan bread brands are struggling in the size category.

11. Whole Foods 365 White Sandwich Bread

Whole Foods brand 365 offers their version of white bread without the addition of any animal products. The main component of this bread is wheat flour, so it wouldn't be a good option for those with a gluten allergy. Those who loved the product wrote on Amazon that it tasted just like classic white bread and worked great for the perfect grilled "cheeze" or just plain toast. Sandwiches tasted fresh with this bread and the texture was soft and chewy. 

A big distinguishing factor between this bread and other vegan bread was the fact that people could eat it by itself without toasting or spreading anything on top to mask weird tastes and textures. Some customers indicated that the bread tasted sweet, which could be a positive or a negative. But overall this bread was a winner in taste, texture, and versatility. Just be prepared to pay the Whole Foods price tag for it.

10. Toufayan Bakery Whole Wheat Pita

This next product on our list isn't the traditional loaf of bread, but because it can be used for many of the same things as sliced bread, we wanted to include it. Toufayan Bakery has served up a Whole Wheat Pita versatile enough to create tacos, sloppy Joes, fajitas, sandwiches, pizza, pita pockets, and more. If you're looking to get creative at mealtime, this may be the product for you. 

Those who loved this pita bread took to Amazon to comment on the freshness, its ability to stay intact upon being stuffed with tons of ingredients, and the amount of recipes people could create with them. Some thought it was the best bread they've tasted. While most enjoyed the actual flavor and texture, others noted the steep price when purchasing online. (Supermarket prices, on the other hand, seemed to be on par with expectations.) If you dare to swap your bread for something a little unique, you may want to give this pita a go.

9. Whole Foods 365 Multigrain Seed Bread

Another Whole Foods bread loaf has made it on the list. 365's Multigrain Seed Bread got even higher marks than the last, thanks to the gorgeous, deep amber crust with flecks of oats and seeds sprinkled on top. It's made predominantly of a grain and seed blend including steel-cut oats, steel-cut wheat, flaxseed, millet seed, pumpkin seed, poppyseed, and other superfood ingredients.

While this loaf wouldn't work well for those with gluten allergies, it may be a dream come true for those who are looking to get more whole grains into their diet. There are few limitations or downsides to buying this bread; many stated it tastes just like any other delicious and fresh sliced bread. The texture is soft, yet hearty due to the seeds and grains. One of the few negative remarks this bread received on Amazon touched on its level of sweetness. While some were in favor of the flavor, others thought it was too much, making it less versatile overall.

8. Papa Pita Greek Pita White Flat Bread

If you loved the idea of the aforementioned whole wheat pita, Papa Pita offers a white flour version. This Greek staple has become a hit in America, likely due to the fact that it happens to be fluffy, light, and delicious. Fortunately, this brand also fits into a vegan diet. Additionally, it also has 4 grams of fiber per serving, 8 grams of protein. No wonder the Mediterranean diet is so popular. 

Some Amazon shoppers found the bread to be pillowy and perfect for dunking in olive oil. Others made traditional American sandwiches with it. While the manufacturers recommend toasting this bread in the oven to warm it slightly before eating, many have simply eaten it straight from the bag with delight. While there were a few negative comments about the pita bread, some warned against buying online due to potential quality issues and higher prices. Luckily, Walmart sells this product in stores, where prices tend to be the lowest.

7. La Brea Take and Bake Bread

La Brea Bakery has worked hard to bring France into your kitchen with the Take & Bake French Baguette. Each package comes with two baguettes which you can bake to warm perfection in your own oven. Once toasted, the bread forms a golden-brown crust on top, crispy on the outside and fluffy and light on the inside. The reason the company requires you to bake it is not because it's raw, but because it's frozen upon purchase. That means all you're doing in your own oven is thawing, heating, and toasting. 

Many of the Amazon reviews praise the fresh quality, the taste, the fact that it can be eaten on its own, the versatility, the crunch of the crust, and that it can be paired with even gourmet meals. The product's critics, on the other hand, believe the bread to be "too doughy," "a bit small," and "SUPER dense." You can't please 'em all.

6. One Degree Veganic Sesame Sunflower Bread

All of One Degree's breads are vegan, naturally sweetened with raisins and packed with whole grains. Over on Amazon, fans of One Degree's Veganic Sesame Sunflower remarked on its softness, pliability, pillowy texture, and complexity of flavor. Many stated the bread was filling and hearty and perfect for creating a complete meal, including a great accompaniment to soups and stews. The moistness wasn't an issue and held up well as sandwich bread. Additionally, it toasted well and still maintained a good taste and texture. Overall the versatility, texture, and flavor seemed to be the best aspects of this bread. 

While it seems to hit the mark in most regards, it apparently isn't perfect. Though Chic Vegan gave it a thumbs up and recommended it to their readers, for example, they noted that "the taste of the bread on its own was nothing especially impressive."

5. Food For Life 7 Sprouted Grains

Food For Life Flourless Sprouted 7 Grains Bread has seemingly amassed a cult following. This bread is organic, non-GMO, and sold frozen to ensure freshness. The top ingredients listed are sprouted wheat, malted barley, sprouted rye, sprouted barley, sprouted oats, and sprouted millet. Bread that contains sprouted ingredients can be harder to find, but this brand is in most markets located in the frozen food section. 

Happy customers praise the brand for offering a bread that's health-conscious. Those who love the product gave it high Amazon reviews for its hearty texture, "real natural flavor," and being "great both untoasted or toasted." What's more, some noted that it happens to be "a complete protein source" that pairs well with "honey, almond butter, cheese." Others, however, were not fans of the overall texture, describing the bread as being "very dense" and "like cardboard pulp."

4. Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread Loaf

Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat is made predominantly of whole wheat flour, brown sugar, and wheat gluten. Most major grocery store chains carry this bread and therefore, it's easy to get ahold of.

Amazon comments for this product include praise for its softness, sweet taste, and freshness. In addition to being available in a lot of stores, the bread's price tag isn't too hefty, and a number of customers noted the value. One reviewer mentioned how happy they were with the health factor of the bread, stating, "This bread helps me provide my kids with the fiber intake they need." While most of the reviewers made it clear that they're fans of the bread, some remarked that there was a lack of consistency between loaves; evidently, some packages yielded stale bread. However, the reviews don't get much worse than this, and most seem to be delighted repeat customers thrilled with the overall product.

3. Sara Lee Original Artesano Bakery Bread

Sara Lee Artesano Bakery Bread brings bakery-level quality to the bagged bread aisles of nearly every supermarket. Boasting thick cut slices, it's perfect for the most hearty recipes like French toast, garlic bread, sandwiches, and more. This bread is mostly made of wheat and barley flour and while it looks like delicious, fluffy white bread, it's anything but run-of-the-mill. 

Thousands of reviewers have given this bread a 5/5 star rating on Amazon. As one delighted reviewer put it, "I love this bread, I tried all kinds of bread, from nuts bread to bread with exotic ingredients like, sun flowers, black sesame seeds you name it. The texture is perfect for anything you want, my kids love it in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or just cut it into squares and bake it with my favorite spread." Not only has the taste and texture appealed to many, but so has the price. While other bread loaves have seemingly charged too much, Sara Lee has won customers over with their reasonable price tag.

2. Mestemacher Sunflower Seed Bread

Mestemacher Sunflower Seed Bread looks more like a brick than a loaf of bread. While it may not look like it's the most appealing option on the bread aisle, this brand has many happy customers coming back for more. Perhaps it's due to its simple ingredients list, which features whole kernel rye, water, wholemeal rye flour, sunflower seed, iodized salt, oat fiber, and yeast. Thus, the star quality of this German bread truly is its nutritional value, and there are few other vegan loaves of bread on the market that can boast such healthy ingredients while also tasting delicious. 

For some, this loaf hits all the important marks. "This bread is a revelation," one wrote on Vitacost. "It keeps forever in the pantry, then is moist and flavorful and fresh whenever you're ready. It takes longer to toast than most, but then gets crispy at the edges and almost tastes caramelized."

1. Dave's Killer Bread 21 Whole Grains and Seeds

When an ingredient list runs long, the biggest concern for many is that the food is packed with artificial ingredients. Consumers needn't worry about that when they pick up a loaf of Dave's Killer Bread's 21 Whole Grains and Seeds. Dave's seemingly created its ingredient list with the most health-conscious foodie in mind. Whole grains, seeds, and sprouts make up the majority of what goes into this popular loaf. Amazon reviews praise the texture, moisture, versatility, slight sweetness, complex nutty flavor, and crispiness upon baking. What's not to love? Very little, apparently. This bread has amassed a loyal customer base who refuse to buy anything else in the bread aisle.

One self-proclaimed picky customer even said, "FINALLY a sliced bread that actually tastes like bread!!!! Coming from France, I am always desperate to find decent sliced bread in the US. All the brands I tried taste like chemical crap, gluten and sponge. When this brand popped up in our local grocery store, we gave it a try and YES! This is good. It tastes like bread should. It's great as is or toasted. This is our new go-to for sliced bread." If the size of each slice isn't quite what you're looking for, Dave's has you covered: The company also carries thin-sliced versions of their loaves. Clearly, Dave's Killer Bread has killed it in the bread-making game.