Why You Should Never Put Meat On A Cold Grill

Don't think the temperature of the grill matters? Think again. Whether you forgot to preheat the grill or you're just impatient to get the process started, back away slowly. If you want perfectly seared meats, give the grill a chance to fire up properly. If not, you'll live to regret this major grilling faux pas.

According to The Grill Dads, high heat is absolutely, non-negotiably necessary for any meat that needs a sear. In these cases, "a cold grill will leave an empty, black hold of sadness in your heart," they say. Per the experts at Char-Broil, the preheat process takes about 15 minutes.

High heat is required to sear a piece of meat, like a nice, juicy steak. Searing is an important part of the flavor-building process, per Schultz's Gourmet. It's done by cooking a piece of meat at high heat to form a brown crust on the outside. If the sear is not done correctly, the entire piece of meat "will cook while the grill is heating up and be overdone before it is hot enough to sear," The Grill Dads explain. The exceptions are pulled pork or brisket, which are cooked over low heat.

Another major grilling mistake you're probably guilty of making

There's a lot of nuance to grilling, and putting meat on a cold grill isn't the only common grilling mistake. A lot of chefs want to see their handiwork in action, so they open the lid and leave it that way for prolonged periods of time. This is actually a major no-no!

"The lids are so large that the grill will lose its heat every time you open it," explain The Grill Dads. Instead of throwing a well-intentioned wrench in the grilling process, the experts suggest investing in a wireless meat thermometer. Set it to the desired temperature, then only open the lid when it's really necessary. This isn't exclusive to grills, either. People open and close the oven door all the time, when they could just peek through the window with the help of the oven light.

So, be sure to preheat the grill — and keep that lid closed, already. Not only will doing these things make the process easier, but the finished product will also be even more delicious. Bon appétit!